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Winners: European Award for Innovation and Creativity in Lifelong Learning 2009

Let the pools website serve as a portal to your results. From the website you also have access to Copyleft symbol copyleft language teaching materials and methods manuals that you may include in your own projects.

The pools partnership recommends you to become a member of / join:

You may now become a member of the POOLS team; like all materials in the POOLS website the membership is free. Enrol as a POOLS member e-mail ka@sde.dk

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TOOLS is developing a free online service / tool, which will enable language teachers from LdV, Erasmus, and Grundtvig sectors to create multimedia webpages for language learning with all words automatically linked to online dictionaries in +100 languages.

The advantage of a fully online tool is that it will work from all existing and future operating systems it will also enable creation of language learning multimedia webpages from and to mobile devices like tablets (e.g. iPads).

The users will have options of making the resulting webpages immediately online for free through the developed system (or other systems like dropbox.com) or downloading them for uploads to their own websites.

The resulting webpages will support all characters (UTF8) so it may be usefor languages like Lithuanian and Arabic.

The project teams will demonstrate the system strengths and make exemplary language learning materials for Arabic, Danish, Gaelic (Irish), Gaelic (Scottish), Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Spanish

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TOOLS is a social media friendly project, you are warmly invited to make suggestions and give feedback: Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , and our Blog

Students: Find language videos at your level on various topics, with transcripts where every word is linked to a choice of online dictionaries in your own language

Teachers: Create, store and organise multimedia wordlinked learning units for use by students

Link (mostly) any webpage automatically word-by-word to online dictionaries in a choice of languages

Find and switch easily between online dictionaries in many languages


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Pools-t (Producing Open Online Learning System - Tools) was approved for an EU grant in the period 2008-2010. POOLS-T was coordinated by "Syddansk Erhvervsskole Odense-Vejle", the development teams came from Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands,  Scotland, and Switzerland.

The project developed tools for the CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) as well as a guide on how to apply the tools in a CLIL context.

The tools convert texts and web pages to html pages where all words are hyperlinked to free online dictionaries covering many combinations of European languages. The application has support for audio, video and graphics to enrich / support the text content.

Two teachers working with materials development

Target groups: The project results and outputs are used by individual language learners, subject teachers using CLIL, and language teachers preparing online teaching materials.

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Go to the pools-2 core outcomes

Pools-2 (Producing Open Online Learning Systems - 2) was approved for an EU grant in the period 2009-2011. POOLS-2 was coordinated by Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza (CECE), the teams came from Cyprus, Denmark, Malta, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain. EfVET was a dissemination partner with access to thousands of vocational colleges across Europe.

Pools-2 was a Transfer of Innovation (TOI) project which exploited the results from the "original" pools project, which developed materials for language teaching and learning as well as teacher training courses. Pools-2 transferred the core outputs of pools to three new languages: Greek, Maltese, and Portuguese

The POOLS-2 project target group is teachers of the LWUTL (Less Widely Used and Taught Languages) in technical colleges. Due to the limited range of ICT materials for these languages the teachers often have to develop materials themselves if they want to exploit the many advantages of eLearning.

The final products are:

1. Pools of online Copyleft symbol copyleft materials to be used during in-service teacher training courses and in teaching.
2. Flexible competence based language teacher course modules on ICT methodologies and development of ICT based teaching resources.
3. A DVD with step by step instructions and examples on how to create multimedia online material.
4. A course book (downloadable .pdf file) with description of language teaching eLearning materials and methodologies

Read more about the original pools project - aims, objectives, and results

The project brochure is available in English, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Maltese, French, and Spanish

Join the pools-2 facebook group

Pools-2 has a dedicated webpage with the core outcomes of the project. Visit the page here: http://www.languages.dk/pools-2/

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Pools-m (Pools of language teaching methods) was an EU supported two years project, which started on December 1st 2009. The project transferred the result of a previous project BP-BLTM which portrayed five communicative language teaching methods in manuals and with instruction videos, for each method there are ready to use materials in Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Romania, and Spanish.

Pools-m translated and adapted the existing materials into Italian, Lithuanian, and Portuguese as well as prepare new materials for the methods

The pools-m home page is http://www.languages.dk/methods or you can just click on "Teaching Methods" from the main navigation panel to the right.

Visit the pools-m blog and Join the pools-m facebook group

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Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , and our Blog

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July 2013

The TOOLS teams have now finished the DIY videos for students and teachers (authors), the videos are available in seven languages: Danish, English, Irish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelice, and Spanish. N.B this is two more languages than promised in the TOOLS application. You can access the videos by clicking here

June 2013

The team are busy preparing the language version of the TOOLS DIY (Do It Yourself) videos that demonstrate how to produce online materials and for the learners hor to make best use of the online units. You can access the videos by clicking here The videos will soon be availble in seven languages: Danish, English, Irish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelice, and Spanish.

The two TOOLS videos with a Portuguse speaker are now online. Watch them from here.

The two TOOLS videos with a Lithuanian speaker are now online. Watch them from here.

The DIY video for teachers is now available with an Irish speaker from: http://youtu.be/BB10jBjbAS0

The Irish version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at: http://youtu.be/bzyFWvvXtw8

The DIY video for teachers is now available with a Spanish speaker from: http://youtu.be/2CjQ8V0bCj8

The DIY video for teachers is now available with a Danish speaker from: http://youtu.be/2sVai-_Qqtc

The DIY video for teachers is now available with an English speaker from: http://youtu.be/yaiybnAnEuU

The English version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at: http://youtu.be/WjGt5d4AXBs

The Danish version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at: http://youtu.be/wbpiaBd2imc

The Spanish version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at: http://youtu.be/Mp_aFDC4o24

May 2013

The TOOLS teams have started the final parts of the Do It Yourself vides demonstrating how teachers and language learners can benefit from the project online services. Two of the videos are now online in Spanish and in Danish. Watch the Spanish version here: http://youtu.be/Mp_aFDC4o24 or the Danish version here: http://youtu.be/wbpiaBd2imc

April 2013

We have just received the feedback from EACEA about the TOOLS Progress Report covering the first 15 months project period. We are very please with the feedback where we have been graded an overall "9" (max score is 10). Read the feedback here

TheTools teams met in Valencia for their third workshop during the project period. One of the main items decided during the workshop was the design/outlook of the Tools online service a.k.a. Clilstore. You can follow the implementation of the design during the coming weeks from the main entry to Clilstore (and two other important services) here: http://multidict.net We also noticed that we used the wrong icon with the mandatory disclaimer, also that will be corected shortly in all our outcomes. Download the meeting minutes

You can now download the Pools/Tools newsletter issue 37. Click here to download.

March 2013

The TOOLS project makes use of external quality control. We have just received the 2nd quality report. Download it here.

14 months into the TOOLS project the teams have prepared a progress report. The progress report contains two parts a confidential one and the public part. But the TOOLS partnership believes in transparency so you can download and read the two parts from:

February 2013

Visit the Eurocall 2013 website https://sites.google.com/site/eurocallpt/ and learn all about the event where also the TOOLS teams will run a half-day workshop on how to apply CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) with the support of the free software service, which we are developing http://multidict.net/clilstore

We have started the task of updating the Clilstore service with designs and functions that target students and teachers. This may result in short periods where the service is offline. Please visit multidict.net

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January 2013

The simulation AIRPORT (see http://www.languages.dk/methods/airport.html) is now making use of Clilstore: The English version of the five profiles are availble online with all words linked to dictionaries in +100 languages: http://multidict.net/cs/939, http://multidict.net/cs/938, http://multidict.net/cs/937, http://multidict.net/cs/936, and http://multidict.net/cs/935

Call for Papers for Eurocall 2013, University of Evora, Portugal 11-14 September 2013: Like the TOOLS project you too can present projects, research, experience, and ideas at Eurocall 2013. Download the Call for Paper here

The languages.dk website has had 117,346 visitors since February 2012. You can read the statistics here

The Clilstore "Guided tour" manual has been translated into Greek, Italian, and Turkish by friends in another EU Co-funded project pools-cx:

The CALL Interest Section of the international TESOL professional association is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2013 sessions.

This project is a virtual extension of the TESOL 2013 Convention in Dallas in which educators around the globe will have the chance to enhance their professional development, network, collaborate, share and learn with like-minded professionals in wonderful online sessions that were carefully designed by our moderators.

You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate in a FREE, five-week, online session of the EVO, January 14 - February 17, 2013.

Please visit our Announcement Web page to select one among the various session offerings.

Donload Newsletter issue 36 here

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December 2012

The Lithuanian team has adapted and translated the guide/manual on how to author a unit in Clilstore. Download the Lithuanian version here

You can now experience the guided tour of Clilstore authoring in six languages:

The guided tour can also be used from within Clilstore itself.

  1. in English at http://multidict.net/cs/790
  2. in Irish at: http://multidict.net/cs/810,
  3. in Danish at http://multidict.net/cs/807
  4. In Spanish at: http://multidict.net/cs/891
  5. In Lithuanian at: http://multidict.net/cs/892
  6. In Portuguese at: http://multidict.net/cs/896

One of the new POOLS partners, ETI Malta will be running a series of Teacher Training course programmes in Malta over 2013. The participation on these 1 or 2 week in-service training courses are held at the ETI in Malta and are all eligible for full funding under the EU Life Long Learning Programme. The courses address the Comenius, Leonardo and Grundtvig audiences and most are run in cooperation with SDE (Denmark) and exploit the results of past POOLS projects mainly the BP-BLTM (Best Practice Best Language Teaching Methodologies) and POOLS-T. Download more information here.

The Portuguese TOOLS team is running a pilit course for teachers to test a Portuguese version of guide/manual on how to author a unit in Clilstore. The guide will be put online after the course and possible edits resulted by evaluations and feedback.

In Odense, Denmak, the two Danish teams meet for a minit teacher course. Main item is how to embed different audio formats in Clilstore.

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November 2012

The first "manual" for the online Clilstore service is now available in Spanish: Download the Spanish version

A class of 19 students (electricians' apprentices tested the Clilstore outputs after a one week course. Read their evaluations here or open a summary here.

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October 2012

The Newsletter issue 35 is now available for download. Click here to download

We have made a guide/manual on how to author a unit in Clilstore. The guide can now be downloaded or used from within Clilstore itself. Test the guide in English at http://multidict.net/cs/790, in Irish at: http://multidict.net/cs/810, or in Danish at http://multidict.net/cs/807

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September 2012

The TOOLS teams have now prepared a first manual for the online service a.k.a. Clilstore: Clilstore - Guided Tour. How to create a unit in Clilstore

The first "manual" for the online Clilstore service is now available in Irish: Download the Irish version

During the EUROCALL Conference the TOOLS teams had a meeting with Phil Hubbard from Stanford University. Phil Hubbard gave a very interesting presentation on “Autonomous learning with authentic content -- systemized and curated” we have decided in the near future to prepare pages with “curated” units from Clilstore in different languages. Download Phil Hubbard’s presentation

The TOOLS teams presented the online service Clilstore www.multidict.net/clilstore in Gothenburg with an exhibition and through presentations. One result is 23 new units in Slovenščina (Slovenian) and 6 units in Русский (Russian) all of these compiled by one user, Morgan Nilsson. See how he has integrated his units into Clilstore: http://multidict.net/cs/451 and visit the original page with instructions in Swedish,

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August 2012

Powerpoint presentation used during the TOOLS workshop in Gotheburg, the presentation has a list of useful links. Download it from here.

Plan / Agenda used for the first three hours workshop in Gothenburg. Download the plan here.

The TOOLS teams are preparing our second project workshop, you can read the agenda here

The TOOLS teams can offer a half das workshop on August 22nd from 10.00-13.00More information here: http://www.eurocall2012.eu
Workshop Leaders
: Ana Gimeno, Caoimhín O’Dónnaile, Caoimhín Ó Dónaill, Kent Andersen, and Helle Lykke Nielsen.
Intended Audience: Language teachers (also those of the LWUTL) who would like to develop online multimedia-rich resources where all of the words in a text are linked automatically to a plethora of languages and dictionaries.

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July 2012

The July-September issue of the pools newsletter describes the project exploitation across Europe. Click here to download.

A kindred project Ed2.Work has prepared a set of 17 videos demonstrating Web2.0 tools (includes Skype, WiZiq, Voicethread, Voxopop, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Audioboo, Slideshare, Prezi, Google Docs, Wikispaces, PBworks, Diigo, Delicious, Reddit) To watch the videos click here

At the SDE College, we have tested some Clilstore ourputs with two classes of students at elementary level (Most of them below CEFR level A1 in reading skills), the results shows that some student can benefit from the wordlinked outputs, but also that elementary students may find the reading of texts less beneficial;-) Read evaluation results here.

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June 2012

A Romanian project Pools-CX has developed teacher courses that make use of the TOOLS project outcomes. An inservice teacher course in Istanbul tested the online service Clilstore and gave us valuable feedback. Read the teacher evaluations here.

The Web2LLP project funded under the Lifelong learning Programme (KA4) is organising free courses on web strategies and social media for LLP projects , both face-to-face and online, for managers and members of LLP projects. The week long face-to-face course will take place in Leuven, Belgium on 18 – 23 February 2013 and you can apply to your LLP national agency for funding until September 2012.

The online courses will be held during the period February – July 2013. These 10 hour courses, organised in 5 modules of 2 hours each, are available in English, French or Italian and will be backed up by an online help desk and support service.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on these training courses please email: jun.song@uni.lu

Furthermore, to give us a better understanding of your training needs in respect of social media, please complete this very short questionnaire by July 5, which will take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

From Lisette Toetenel we have received this: I am a PhD student at Oxford Brookes and I am researching the effect of direct instruction in the use of the informal register in the (English) second language classroom through the use of social networking sites. I am currently looking for teachers/lecturers and institutions that might be interested to participate in my project.

The project will run for ten weeks from January 2013 to March 2013. The social network and all teaching materials will be provided. The role of the teacher/lecturer is to ensure that the students can access the material in class and assist the students when necessary.

If you are interested in the use of the informal register or social networking sites - this project might be of interest to you!

More information is provided in this Powerpoint presentation. Please contact me for any more information or if you are interested. In order to participate, I would require a letter from your institution to confirm participation.

Lisette Toetenel, lisette.tutor@gmail.com

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May 2012

Evaluation of TOOLS: We have received the first project evaluation from the external evaluator

A Romanian Transfer of Innovation project (developing Centres of Excellence in Greece, Italy, Romania, and Turkey) makes use of the Clilstore from TOOLS as a key element in their teacher training courses. Read a presentation of the Greek teacher courses.

“It’s excellent, give us more!”, that was the overwhelming response from Year 1 and Year 2 students of Irish at the University of Ulster following a recent trial of Clilstore. The units created for the purpose of this trial: http://alturl.com/w6baohttp://alturl.com/s5jjh were based on sample materials from the new Third Level Syllabus for Irish (see http://www.teagascnagaeilge.ie) which is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Read more in the project blog.

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April 2012

It is inspiring to learn the many new ways the Clilstore service cane be used by different language teachers. An example is a unit called "Car Diagnostics for Dummies" where the learners listen to seven sound files that demonstrate typical car problems and then have to select the cause for the fault. After listening the students download a small written assignment by clicking "exercise". Try it here: http://alturl.com/tbjnb

Newsletter issue 33 Apr-Jun 2012 is ready for download

We are keeping fingers crossed for a new proposal titled POOLS-C. The project will develop a CLIL teacher training course for language teachers and content teachers who want to teach content and language at the same time. The content teachers will be offered language courses and a certification of language skills. The project will develop 48 exemplary CLIL teaching scenarios complete with materials and supported by a guide plus videos showing how to work with Content and Language Integrated Learning in primary schools and vocational colleges. Download and read the detailed applicating.

The Executive Training Institure, ETI Malta is now a member of the pools consortium. offering a range of the pools courses in 2012 1nd 2013 (pools-m and pools-2). Participation in the courses is supported by EU grants. For more information visit the ETI homepage www.etimalta.com or email ka@sde.dk (the pools webmaster)

We have received the final eveluationof pools-m from the Danish national agency. The final score is a 9, read the final approvement and evaluation here

Download the compiled user evaluations from pools-m: Text comments from students and teachers, teachers evaluations, and student evaluations

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March 2012

We have just received the results from the national agenc of the pools-m final evaluation: We received a 9 (maximum is 10:-)

Pools-m is still going strong:-) On March 6th the Turkish coordinator received the official national accreditation this means that Pools-M in-service training programmes have gained FORMAL RECOGNITION from the biggest national education body across Turkeyand will now be offered on a wide scale:-)

After the move back to Europe from a US-based hosting service in mid-February the statistics for the website visitors have been very promising: Read the statistics covering the February period: Statistics February 2012

One of the core results in the Tools project is the online service where you can create webbased units with all words linked to online dictionaries. The Tools teams would like you to assist us with a name for the service. Please vote for a name here

In first week of February a consortium of new and old POOLS partners submitted a proposal for a Life Long Learning – Key Action 2 project (transversal language projects). The project title became POOLS-C (POOLS for Clil teachers), as is suggested by the title the project aims at implementing CLIL (Content and language integrated learning) with a 360 degrees approach (holistic): We intend to develop 48 ready to use scenarios for CLIL in primary schools and vocational colleges, demonstration videos of exemplary CLIL teaching based on the scenarios, Language teacher courses on CLIL methods, information materials for parents to include these in the CLIL teaching in primary school, research/interview framework for getting advice from local enterprises regarding the subject related content, AND language certification courses for content/subject teachers.

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February 2012

From one of the pools friends (Jane Vinther) we have received this: We would like to invite language teachers worldwide to fill in this Two-Minute Survey on Open Language Learning: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DPJ689W.

This survey is part of a research project by Jozef Colpaert, University of Antwerp, and Glenn Stockwell, Waseda University, Tokyo, aiming at identifying factors which might impact on the use of Open Educational Resources in the Language Learning and Teaching Community worldwide.

Open Educational Resources (OER) can be defined as “digital materials that can be re-used for teaching, learning, research and more, made available for free through open licenses, which allow uses of the materials that would not be easily permitted under copyright alone” (www.wikipedia.org).

The results of this survey will be sent to all participants who provide their email address. They will also be presented at the EuroCall SIG meeting on Open Educational Resources in Bologna (29-30 March 2012), the XVth International CALL Research Conference in Taiwan (25-27 May 2012), the CALICO 2012 conference at Notre Dame University, and will be published in Computer Assisted Language Learning. The data will also be made available as Open Research Data for researchers worldwide.

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January 2012

The TOOLS online service works with Arabic, test it here: الصداقة في العالم العربي

TOOLS now has its own blog: tools4clil.wordpress.com/ as well as a Twitter account: www.twitter.com/tools4clil

All TOOLS outcomes are CopyLeft, read the signed agreement here

The agenda for the TOOLS kick-off workshop can be downloaded here

The TOOLS project has started its official project period. Go to the TOOLS main page

Download the website statistics from December 2011

Download newsletter issue 32 Jan-Mar 2012

December 2011

Pools-m finished the official project period with a teacher course in Denmark on PhyEmoC and CALL. Download the slides in Danish for:

The final evaluation report from the external evaluators is now ready for download here.

November 2011

All 150 Videos in the Series One and Series Two Island Voices collection are now available for download in “avi” format from the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig website:

smo logo

This new facility means that, once you download a particular video to your computer, you won’t need to go online every time you want to watch it. This may be especially useful if there are some particular clips you want to use on a regular basis, or if you’re taking your laptop somewhere where there isn’t a good internet connection.

The page also gives links to the transcripts for downloading in Word format, as well as to the original YouTube locations (already available through the Series One and Series Two pages on this site, which also give links to detailed pdf catalogues for each series).

SUPSI has added two more methods to the already popular video on language teaching methods. The final video demonstrates the five communicative language teaching methods (PhyEmoC, Task Based Learning, eTandem learning, Simulations, and Computer Assisted Language Learning). Go to the video and supporting materials

The POOLS-M partnership has decided to open the online evaluation areas. These areas will remain open for the next two years so we can collect data on the courses. Please user the online forms so you can assist us in the work after the funded period:

Pools-m has produced the final course guide. Click here to download

A number of new units with videos, text (words linked to +100 languages), and exercises has been added to the teaching materials:

Pools-2 may have finished the funded period, but the teams are still actively adding new content, e.g. try a Portuguese unit here. Or use your Smartphone / tablet QR reader here:
The pools-m teams are preparing for the final project meeting in Vilnius. Read the agenda here.

Download the website statistics covering October here.

October 2011

Try an impressive lesson for learning Greek: Click here. The page with video and text linked word by word to +100 dictionaries was created in less than one minute. The resource to do so will be open for your testing in January 2012.

The pools-2 course has been used in Larissa, Greece as part of a Romanian TOI project pilot course. At the course participants learned to develop online resources like crossword puzzles and drag and drop exercises and the very first prototype from the tools project (to start activities in 2012) was also used and tested.

The statistics for the website covering September 2011 can be downloaded here.

Pools-2 has finished the funded project period, read the evaluation report from the external evaluators here.

September 2011

Newsletter 31 is ready for download here

The aims of the upcoming TOOLS project was presented during Eurocall 2011 in Nottingham by Caoimhín o Donnaille and Kent Andersen with an exhibition stand. The project was also presented by Ana Gimeno, the Eurocall president at the AGM.

Tools now has a FaceBook account where you can assist with comments and suggestions, meet the participants at www.facebook.com/tools4clil

August 2011

All the pools-2 DIY videos are now available with French subtitles. Watch them here

Great jubilation: TOOLS has been approved for funding:. The TOOLS project will deliver a free online service which can be accessed with tablets like iPads to create multimedia rich webpages where all words are linked directly to Multidict (+120 dictionaries), the resulting  pages automatically become online ready to be used by your students and the rest of the world - all of it for free:-)

TOOLS is scheduled to start on January 1st 2012, but we'll present the ideas and objectives with an exhibition stand during the Eurocall conference in September: www.eurocall-languages.org Download the first TOOLS brochure

A Romanian pools sister project CX has prepared a new brochure. Download from here the project is a transfer of innovation project coordinated by the university of Piteste. Visit the CX website.

Pools-cx has added subtitles in Turkish to the pools-t and pools videos. Watch the videos here

July 2011

New materials for learning Maltese with video and text linked word by word to dictionaries:

Download the project newsletter issue 30 here.

The statistics for the first six months of 2011 indicates approximately 30.000 unique visitors. Download to read here

June 2011

Nostalgia has hit the webmaster while waiting for the EACEA decision on the future of the "tools" project. Try some of his old repurposed exercises:

SUPSI, the Swiss pools-m partner has collected the electronic evaluations from the past pools-m pilot courses. The evaluation results from teachers and their students can be downloaded here:

SUPSI has also prepared a Video demonstrating three methods complete with ready to use materials 

The work on improving the access to dictionaries (Multidict) has been continued since pools-t finished in September 2010. Right now Caomhín O Donnaile is investigating how to include Kalaallisut (Greenlandic)

Pools members have compiled a video with several languages. If you recognize all the languages in the video then email the list of languages to ka@sde.dk the first ten to do so will receive a pools t-shirt. To watch the video click here

The pools website is dedicated to serving all languages, especially the less widely taught languages, but also English: Try a new exercise English Mania.

The twenty Greek videos have now been completed with summary, cultural notes, language notes, transcript, and translation. Go to the Greek videos

A book of reference (based on the work of BP-BLTM, POOLS, POOLS-2, and POOLS-M) for Computer Assisted Language Learning can now be downloaded in English, Greek, Italian, and Turkish

The Pools-m project teams run a free training course on teaching methods in Bodrum, Turkey. The course is between 11/07/2011 - 14/07/2011 (11th July and 14th July are travelling dates). To participate please contact Burak Demirkazýk: demirbur@yahoo.com

Pools-m will be presented during the EfVET 2011 conference in Malta with round table presentations: Download the proposal here

May 2011

Pools-m: The Swiss partner SUPSI has prepared a video demonstrating three of the language teaching methods. Watch the video here.

The team met in Istanbul to fine tune the materials, plans and ideas for the last half year of the project.

The student travel preparation guide has now been updated with a new layout: Download the guide in English, Lithuanian, Turkish, or Italian

April 2011

Two of the pools friends Svetlana and Artem from Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukraine National University want to share with you their ready to use English lessons complete with video, work sheets, and Hot Potatoes exercises. Download the zipped exercises (60Mb data)

Tools: While we have our fingers crossed for the tools application you can read the submitted file here
I have just received a message through Youtube demonstrating the need for tools!-: "Please! Help! The TextBlender does not work with the Russian language. I have already tried everything! I have written in openoffice, copied the text to pad and pasted it agyin to textblender. it does not work! I tried to change fonts, it does not help! please! How to paste a russian text? Thank you!"

Pools-t: The project received a 9 out of 10 in the final evaluation. Read the report here

The project newsletter issue 29 is ready for downloading.

Impressive website 2011 statistics:-)
Statistics March 2011
Statistics covering February 2011
Statistics covering January 2011

Pools-2: The project teams met in March in Evora, Portugal to check on progress and milestones. Read the minutes here.

Read a compilation of evaluations from the Portuguese courses: Download the evaluations here

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March 2011

Tools: The tools application has been submitted six weeks before the KA2 deadline:-) Tools proposes to develop a fully online application, which will allow authoring of language learning materials to and from mobile devices (e.g. iPads and smart phones) where the results automatically become online. The online service will combine the functions of the pools-t results: Wordlink, Multidict, and TextBlender so the multimedia rich learning output is linked word by word to online dictionaries. Tools will support all languages e.g. Arabic texts and will work on all operating systems.

Pools-2 has delivered the final versions of the course book / manual in:

Conference announcements: The 1st International Conference on Language Testing and Assessment. June 3-5, 2011 (preconference workshops June 3) Venue: Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus http://www.iclta2011.com

September, 28-30, 2011 the Language Teaching Centre of Freiburg University will host an International Conference on LANGUAGE POLICY AND LANGUAGE TEACHING:  "Multilingualism in Society, the World of Work, and Politics. New Challenges for Teaching at Institutes of Higher Education/Universities". For further information please click directly on the conference homepage: www.sli-konferenz-mehrsprachigkeit.de  or check our website: www.sli.uni-freiburg.de

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February 2011

The pools partners recommend you to join the European Schoolnet (EUN), which is open for new members. EUN is more than 10 years old, and we are growing from strength to strength. With 31 Ministries of Education now members, European Schoolnet looks set to develop even more in the future, with more countries in the process of joining. What's more, a recent decision by the Steering Committee will open membership of European Schoolnet Partnership to the wider educational community, including regions, non-governmental organisations organisations and educational institutions such as universities and schools. Download the EUN brochure

: The Danish layout artist Lone Olstrup has created the final versions of the pools-m method manuals.

Download the new CALL manual in

Download the new eTandem manual in

Download the new PhyEmoC manual in

Download the new Simulations manual in

Download the new Task Based Learning manual in

After moving the website to a new hosting service we can get more reliable information on the activity: Statistics covering January 2011

During the move to a new web hosting service some files may have been lost. If you experience a link which is not working then please mail ka@sde.dk with a description of the missing link.

The students' corner has been restructured. Watch videos produced by students from www.languages.dk/students

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January 2011

Pools and pools-2: Enterprise, the third and final section in the series of Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices videos, is now complete and online. Click here to get to the menu page.

Completion of this section brings the total number of videos between the first and second series to 150. It’s a tribute to these island communities that so many individuals and organisations were prepared to make important contributions to a body of work that will be a very useful resource for local learners of both languages, and perhaps of wider interest still.

As the Enterprise catalogue explains, the amount and level of material in this section pose a new order of challenge for learners. Good luck!

Pools-m: We have received the evaluation report covering the first 12 months of the project from our external evaluators. Click here to download and read

Pools-2: More videos have been added to the Portuguese video area. There are now 23 Portuguese videos. Click here to watch the videos

The feedback to the Interim Report from the Spanish National Agency has arrived and can be downloaded here


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More "news" in the News Archive covering the period from August 2005

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