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Seaplane terminal next to my hotel


I got here! End of story! Well, not really the end of story. I had a long flight before I could enjoy Canada. I boarded a plane in Copenhagen which was delayed due to the bad weather. We had to go to a deicing area where the wings were sprayed with a greenish liquid.

Finally we took off and some 8 hours and fifty-five minutes later we landed in Toronto. In Toronto I rushed head over heels to catch my connecting flight to Vancouver. I was lucky to board at the very last minute, which was more than I could say about my suitcase; I had grown a beard when I was finally reunited with my electric shaver and other vital items left in my suitcase.

Boarding the plane to Vancouver I was met with a piece of good news and a piece of bad news; as I was very late for the plane someone else on a "stand by" ticket had got my seat which was the last one in monkey class so I had to mix with the "better" people in executive class. You may think that was great, but then imagine all the decisions one has to make in executive class; first of all there were three menus to choose from and eight different wines (four clarets and four white wines) and I almost felt guilty when I heard that the other passengers had to pay FOUR dollars for a simple beer! 

I am not going to tell you about the comfortable chairs they have in the executive class, unfortunately I have to sit in the monkey class area on my way home, which means no drinks, no stewardess to fill the glasses all the time and that the passengers sitting at the windows have to ask the passengers at the aisle to stand up if they want to stretch legs.


I have made a few exercises for you to complete after you have read these pages. Also remember to finish the written description / portraits of yourselves and please mail them to me e-mail

This is my view from the window when looking to the left

This is my view when looking to the right

And this is my view when looking straight ahead from my window

And by the way, this is my view when looking down from my window. Compare the length of the limousine with that of the bus!

Latest news

It is still raining cats and dogs here. "We" expect twenty millimeters today!

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