The Chinese Language

Resources for Chinese Teaching and Learning

Web-site with information relevant to teaching the Chinese language The site is edited by Carlos McEvilly.
China/Hong Kong A large collection of materials edited by Mario Profaca.
Bahasa: Have some fun and learn Mandarin online with the Bahasa Pages!
Chinese Flashcards: Andy wrote this "Java Applet" to help me (Ken) review classical Chinese characters. The program seemed to work better than other flash card programs I found on the net, so we thought we would make it available.
Chinese Romanization Converter: This applet instantly converts between the three major Chinese Romanization Systems. Wade-Giles, Yale, and PinYin. Does not need any special Chinese software.
Online Chinese Tools Using web technologies such as Java, CGI, JavaScript, these pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language. From the novice Chinese language student to the advanced programmer, I hope there is something here for everyone. Please check out the Character Flashcards, the Chinese/English dictionary, the Chinese Namer, and the Western/Chinese Calendar Converter.
Radio Television Hong Kong Radio Hong Kong in a joint project with the Chinese University of Hongkong.
The Chinese Language Related Information Page is continually improved to make it a comprehensive navigational tool pointing you to Chinese language related resources. The intended audience is anyone who has an interest in Chinese, including speakers and students of Chinese languages, China scholars, Chinese teachers, translators, linguists, East Asiatic librarians, and computer programmers.
Learning Chinese Online. This page helps you to learn Chinese. No matter where you are, we are with you...
Chinese Character Pronunciations Input (copy-and-paste) any Chinese text and obtain the transliterated pronunciation of each Chinese character.
Learn Chinese. Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese.
A CHINESE PROGRAM FOR BEGINNERS Give "Chinese Radical Exam" (Bu Shou Ce Yan) a try with the free demo program! Radicals are basic building blocks in Chinese characters. Gaining a good grasp of common radicals is essential to success in mastering Chinese characters. The progam also teaches 48 common pianpang, or radicals that take on a different shape when they are found in combination with other elements in a character.
Bamboo Helper(tm) is a shareware program that helps make the Chinese language more accessible to students and others. It helps students read Chinese text files on their PC-compatible computers by showing the correct pronunciation, the location of word breaks, and other useful information. Bamboo Helper remembers a student's reading level and uses this knowledge to generate helpful output files, including vocabulary lists and flash cards that can be printed out for later use. Bamboo Helper works with popular Chinese display systems such as MS-Windows 3.1 Chinese Edition, ETen Chinese System, and TwinBridge Big-5 Edition.
Study Mandarin Chinese using VOA. Are you learning intermediate-level Mandarin? Listen to sound clips from recent VOA newscasts while viewing the corresponding Chinese characters, pinyin pronunciations, and vocabulary lists with word definitions. Updated weekly.


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