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    • A very good and fast German - English - German dictionary. Highly recommendable!
    • This entry is mainly for Danish speaking visitors:

      En online tyskundervisning med lyd/oversættelser og opgaver.
      Systemet kan håndtere alle tænkelige sprogkombinationer - der skal blot fremstilles opgaver og øvelser til databasen. Se det i funktion på:
       Indsendt af Carl Madsen, Silkeborg, E-mail:
    •  A Danish teacher's home page on teaching the German language. "Tysklærer Kofoeds opgavesider".  Den rent danske version af Tysklærer Kofoeds Ogavesider. Masser af tilbud til lærere og elever, hurtigt og nemt at finde rundt, flere quizzer, opgaver og ideer.
    • Deutsche Internet Chronik Gegenwartskultur. Ten German Web Units with Digital Laboratory Exercises for Elementary to Advanced Proficiency Levels. This is one of my favorite sites with very interesting ideas of how to use the www for language teaching.
    • German Language Related Resources from the Department of German Studies at Dartmouth College
    • Deutsch für Reisende. German for travellers.
    • German language learning software. A new link submitted by Michael Shaughnessy with links to and comments on German language learning software.
    • German Studies Trails on the Web. Some of the most useful interdisciplinary German resources on the World Wide Web. These literature and culture trails are designed for everyone who likes to explore the Internet as a virtual language laboratory or engage in research and study projects. Younger readers can connect to children's pages on the KinderWeb, others can join German Chatrooms, and work through German Web Exercises on various levels of proficiency, or look for multimedia Teaching Tools and Software links. Visit the UNCG Multimedia Language Center for popular culture laboratory links and resources.
    • Internationaler Deutschlehrerverband. Der IDV verbindet Deutschlehrer und Freunde der deutschen Sprache in 64 Ländern. Er informiert über Tagungen, Stipendien fördert Schüleraustausch & Begegnungen, und verbindet durch das IDV-NETZ (E-Mail) deutschsprechende Freunde in der Welt.
    • Texthaus: The interactive online learning service for German in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Milan
    • Learn German online   First lesson is free. Exercises, texts, listening exercises, grammar, vocabulary and much more. From INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT
    • Selingua: Selingua is a vocabulary training program with extensive built-in dictionaries -- more than 2000 words. The award-winning language education program Selingua is now also available in a Java version! You can run the Selingua applet in you web browser over the Internet, or easily install and use it over your local network - on a PC, a Macintosh, a UNIX workstation or in any other environment that supports JDK 1.1.
    • Deutsche Internet ProjekteMultimediales Museum zur deutschen Sprache, Literatur und Kulturgeschichte.
    • SZonNet Die Süddeutsche Zeitung im Internet.
    • Lernforum Deutsch ist eine interkulturelle Web-Site für ausländische Studierende, die Deutsch lernen:
    • Deutsche Internet Übungen - German Studies Exercises on the Web
    • SchulWeb. SchulWeb ist Teil des Deutschen Bildungsservers. Find German schools.

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