Anyone's Japanese - Help for learning Japanese.

PEC?Business Japanese Is this the first time you are traveling to Japan? You don't know a word of Japanese? Then you will find PEC?Business Japanese a handy software to help you learn essential phrases you will need. This is our Java(tm) version of our highly acclaimed PEC Business Japanese for the Apple Newton Message Pad. The idea is simple. PEC Business Japanese will help you some of the most key survival phrases you can use in your trip to Japan. We've carefully selected most essential phrases you need based on our own numerous experiences traveling together with American business executives to meeting tables in some of the largest corporations in Japan.

The JAVASensei is a Java applet/application, which helps you learning the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana alphabets. You can train the syllable of a character and also the writing of the character itself.

Kid's Window - Japanese language and culture educational activities online for kids. Includes hiragana/katakana/kanji lessons, a picture dictionary, stories, and more.

WebShop's Japanese lessons Japanese has a reputation for being an impossible language to learn, but these lessons will show that it is relatively easy to get by in Japanese.
The Japanese Tutor. The Largest site on the WWW that teaches Japanese for FREE. Featured in Japan's Largest Newspaper, The Yomiuri Shinbun, as the best source to learn Japanese.
Learn Japanese online   First lesson is free. Exercises, texts, listening exercises, grammar, vocabulary and much more. From INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT
KanjiFlash is a Japanese flashcard program that is highly customizable and can read user created lesson files. The program learns which lesson items are frequently missed and will quiz you on them when in review mode. Best of all the program is free and includes source code.
jdrill is a free standalone application that functions both as a kanji/kana/English quizzer, AND an on-line dictionary. As an application, it can be customized more than just a small 'applet'. Plus, you don't have 8 megabytes of browser overhead to deal with

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