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December 2015

Clil4U: We can again offer a free long distance course on CLIL. The course will start on January 4th. Estimated effort: One week. Learn more and register from

Do not miss the exciting opportunity to present a paper, a symposium, an EU-funded project, a workshop, or a poster
at the EuroCALL 2016 ( The 23rd EUROCALL Conference will be held at the Cyprus University of Cyprus in Lemesos (Limassol) Cyprus from 24th to 27th August 2016.

EUROCALL conferences are hosted under the auspices of the EUROCALL Association. They bring together educators, researchers,
PhD students, administrators, designers of software and language learning systems, policy makers and other professionals involved in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) around the globe.

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December 2015

The pools newsletter issue 48 is now being mailed to registered users. Download the newsletter here

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November 2015

Kindred Projects: The Babelium project is reaching the end og the EC co-funded period. Read their latest newsletter or download a description of the results.

Clil4U: The CLIL promotional and demonstration videos are now online with subtitles in Danish, English, Greek, Italian, Maltese, and Spanish. Go to the videos

Methods: Download the final external evaluation

Clil4U: The teams are busy running courses across Europe and a long distance course is offered starting January:
Estimated effort: One week, Start of course: January 4th 2016, Course duration: Six weeks

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October 2015

You can now download Newsletter issue 47 Oct-Dec 2015

From one of our kindred projects we have received information about the Erasmus+ Project (HELP) read a document with a brief introduction and the flyer of the project. Also you can find information on the website of the project:

Clil4U: The teams met in Madrid to work through the deliveries and ensure quality control. Read the agenda here: AgendaMadrid2015v3 and the Minutes here

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September 2015

Pools-3: Read the minutes from the final workshop

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August 2015

Clil4U: The database with CLIL materials now has more than 1.100 entries. Visit the database:

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July 2015

Clil4U: We are now offering a free long distance learning course for both content and language teachers starting September 1st. Learn more about the course and register from:

We are pleased to present to you the full conference programme for EUROCALL 2015 including a Clil4U presentation: Go to the programme.

Pools-3: The partners have uploaded a massive number of online units in Catalan, Czech, and Irish. Go to the overview:

Methods: The teams are in Guadeloupe for the final workshop and conference. Read the agenda.

POOLS: Newsletter issue 46 (July-September) can now be downloaded here.

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June 2015

Clil4U: Read about the free project courses on page 9 in the EfVET Newsletter.

Meet members from Clil4U and the other Pools teams during the EfVET 2015 conference:


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May 2015

Kindred projects: One of the project friends, Babelium has delivered impressive results:

  • After many months of video production, almost 400 videos in English, French, German, and Spanish have been created by the Babelium team. All of the video exercises have been created under a Creative Commons licence so that they are freely available for use by anyone and can be adapted by teachers if necessary to meet the learning requirements of their students.
  • The project is currently finishing its piloting phase in which any potential issues are being identified via user feedback and implemented in the platform.
  • During this piloting phase which is taking place in France, Latvia and Spain, all of the videos will be available at https:// Once the piloting has concluded, the required changes and improvements will be implemented and the final platform will be made available at
  • Last week we had the fourth partners meeting in Galway and we reviewed and discussed the feedbacks obtained during the piloting phase.
  • Download the latest newsletter
  • More information and news about Babelium can be found on the project website,

Clil4U: The project will be showcased during the Eurocall 2015 conference ( as a 45-minute Reflective practice paper titled "CALL meets CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)" and at the EfVET 2015 conference ( with roundtable presentations.

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April 2015

Methods: The project teams are meeting in Malta in May. Read the agenda

Pools-3: The teams had a productive meeting and workshop in Barcelona: Download the 4th workshop minutes

Clil4U: The Progress Report has been graded an overall 9 (10 is max). Read the EACEA feedback to the report

Pools-3: The project teams will meet in Barcelona for the 4th project workshop. Download the agenda.

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March 2015

Clil4U: The project has developed a CLIL course for content and language teachers. The course has three parts: A pre-course with a combination of language teaching and CLIL content, a CLIL course based on blended learning starting with a face to face course and followed by online assignments, and a post course, which deals with language certification according to the CEF.

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February 2015

Pools-3: Pools-3 teacher training courses are now accredited by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in the Czech Republic. Download the document

Kindred projects: Lingu@network is a new project to involve users in Lingu@netWorldwide
Lingu@net is a website to promote language learning, a multilingual virtual resource centre developed over more than 10 years by language, information and technical experts worldwide. It offers 5,000 online resources in 100s of languages and is searchable in over 30 languages. Download brochure

Methods: The project has finalised the last manual titled the "Student Work Placement Guide". Download the English version of the manual.

Clil4U: The CLIL Guidebook is now available in the six project languages in eBook format (.epub) for reading on tablets like iPads or smartphones. Download the CLIL Guidebook eBook versions in:

Pools-3 and TOOLS: The online services Clilstore and Wordlink are now again up and running after they by Google was wrongly listed as phishing sites. We have asked for a review, but are still waiting for the ban to be lifted.

Clil4U: The project has translated the CLIL Guidebook into Danish, English, Greek, Italian, Maltese, and Spanish. Download the .pdf version of the CLIL Guidebook in

Pools: You can meet members from three of the pools projects(Clil4U, Methods, and Pools-3) at the Eurocall 2015 conference in Padova. Register here.

Padova, Prato della Valle

Kindred Projects: The Open University, UK, partner of the ExplOERer project (supporting OER re-use in learning ecosystems) runs a survey on the ways in which educators learn about use and re-use of online resources. This study will support the creation of support materials and on-line courses to help educators create, share, discover and re-use open educational resources (OER) survey is led by Professor Allison Littlejohn, Institute of Educational Technology, Open University, UK.

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January 2015


The project has finished the planned CLIL Guidebook, which is a handbook for subject and language teachers, especially those who are new to CLIL and who need some inspirational materials with ideas and advice on best ways to prepare colleagues, pupils/students, and parents/employers for the implementation. Download the CLIL Guidebook in

Kindred Projects: The LangOER network is a three-year European Commission funded project concerning Open Educational Resources (OER) in less used European languages running between 2014-2016. In the first half-year of the project, the current situation of OER was mapped, investigating 23 European languages. The result was a state-of-the-art report illustrating a scarce picture but also pointing at topics that are important to move the field forward, such as policies, language barriers, and multilingualism. Although there are a few national initiatives, there are still challenging issues to deal with related to linguistic concern for future development. Visit the project website:

The first newsletter in 2015 can now be downloaded: Newsletter issue 44 Jan-Mar 2015

Clil4U: The project has prepared an online language course for content teachers, who want to learn about CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The course will serve as both a language course and as preparation for a CLIL teacher course. Try the course here:

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December 2014

Tools: After the project funded period the teams have continued working with improvements. Partners from two of the teams Dr Caoimhín Ó Dónaill, Ollscoil Uladh and Gordon Wells, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig have published a paper that can now be downloaded here: "CALL Support in Context: Contrasting Approaches in Irish and Scottish Gaelic"

Clil4U: The Italian team has prepared two new scenarios for children in primary schools: Nutrients and Dinosaurs

Clil4U: During the work with the CLIL guidebook the teams have prepared a number of short videos with interviews of parents, teachers, and students as well as videos showing CLIL in classes. Watch the videos from:

Pools-3: The teams have started running pilot courses. To verify the suitability of the developed material we use a set of online evaluation forms:

You can now register for the 2015 Eurocal conference in Padova, 26-29 August 2015, where you can meet members from the POOLS project teams (Clil4U, Methods, and Pools-3). Go to the conference website:

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November 2014

Clil4U: The teams have prepared five new scenarios (all with with ready to use materials) with integration of teaching ICT and language. The scenarios are meant for vocational colleges, but can also be used in general education:

Methods: The graphics designer, Lone Olstrup, has finalized the Methods Course Guide in four languages. Download the guides

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October 2014

Pools-3: The Irish partner has finished 20 videos in Irish with summaries, transcriptions, and translations into English. Visit the Irish video page.

Kindred Projects: Join a new KA1 Erasmus+ proposal

Methods: SŠGT is preparing the new and updated International Work Placement Guide. Download a summary of suggested changes.

Pools-3: The Czech partner team has finished 20 videos that will be used for the upcoming pilot courses. Go to the Czech videos.

Tools: Clilstore improvements have been implemented. These include Creative Commons licence options, suggested by one of our end users (Thanks very much for this suggestion!), and also a new facility to offer and accept a transfer of ownership of a unitfrom one user to another.I put a note about the new facilities in the log file at: Go to Clilstore to experience the improvements.

Clil4U: The project teams met in Malta for the 2nd project workshop, read the meeting minutes.

Clil4U: The teams have started compiling a collection of freely available online materials to be used for CLIL. The bank will have materials in all the project languages to serve CLIL based provision in the LWUTL. Materials in English may be dominant in existing websites, but the teams will strive to ensure that the bank will be sufficient for implementation of CLIL in languages that are not mainstream. Go to the materials databank.

Kindred Projects: The VideoforALL project see: has produced a PowerPoint guide with tips and recommendations for producing videos for language learning/teaching. Download the presentation

Methods: The project teams are finalizing the adapted manuals for the five language teaching methods download the manuals. The new manuals will be available in French, English, Maltese, and Slovenian

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September 2014

Projects cooperating / clustering with the pools projects: The EU funded project Video for ALL is almost ready for your help. We need language educators to help with their ideas and the testing of the 'Video in language learning, best practices'. Join us as an Associate Partner by completing our sign up form at

The Video for ALL project will bring together all current methodologies, ideas and innovative practices to teach and learn languages using digital video.

Pools-3 and Tools: NEW additon to Clilstore functions prepared by the Pools-3 teams: You can now upload files like Hot Potatoes exercises or Word documents directly into Clilstore. Read how to do it in this guide: Download How to Upload and Link to Files

TOOLS: We are preparing a guide on how to upload files into Clilstore so these can be used as additional exercises or students assignments. It is now possible to upload a series of exercises prepared in Hot Potatoes. Please return to this page soon to read the guide (it is now being proof read)

Pools-3: The teams met in Brno and produced a number of online units in Clilstore using the new Clilstore facility where one can upload exercises:

Learn Irish through a sequence of video with text linked word by word to +100 languages and language exercises lige fill-in the bland, mixed words, crossword puzzles, and more:

Learn Catalan through a sequence of video with text linked word by word to +100 languages and language exercises lige fill-in the bland, mixed words, crossword puzzles, and more:

Learn Ccech through a sequence of video with text linked word by word to +100 languages and language exercises lige fill-in the bland, mixed words, crossword puzzles, and more:

Tools: The project teams are still at work supported by ideas from our end users (teachers and students). Most development right now is dealing with dictionaries, lemmatization and especially how to better serve the Arabic language. Read more about Tools News here.

Pools-3: The project teams will meet in Brno in the 2nd week of September. After almost a full project year the teams are now preparing for running teacher courses in the Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, and Catalonea. Read the workshop agenda.

Clil4U: The teams are in the process of writing a CLIL guide which will promote CLIL. Read the outline here.

Clil4U: Two of the Clil4U teachers from Kroggaardskolen (Lise Klems Knattrup and Rikke Lohmann Vestergaard) were invited to write an article on CLIL in Denmark, the article will be published in the next issue of "Liv i Skolen" which will deal exclusively with CLIL in Denmark:

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August 2014

Tools: The project was presented at the Eurocall 2014 conference in Groningen by Ana Gimeno, Caoimhín O Donaill, and Kent Andersen with a presentation "Supporting CLIL through Technology". Download the Powerpoint presentation here.

The text for publication in the Eurocall proceedings can be downloaded here

Eurocall presentation
Tools, Pools-3, Methods, and Clil4U materials on display during Eurocall 2014 in Groningen

Tools: We have mailed the Final Report to the EACEA, download the "Public Part" here.

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July 2014

Tools: The project finished the EU co-funded period on June 30th, but the efforts and exploitation of the outcomes continue. We have also received the final external evaluation report from the subcontracted evaluator (Angelic Bucur). Download the report here.

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June 2014

Watch a Danish primary school class work with a CLIL scenario which was prepared by a Spanish Clil4U partner. 

The Clil4U project will in August be presented by William William Wernay Lynge with a presentation/paper at the "Think CLIL Conference" in Venice:

Clil4U: Three new scenarios have been put online with ready to use materials:

  • The Domotics (House Automation Systems) Module is suitable for students of level B1 and upwards, it is part of the vocational training of electricians, but it is also of value to other disciplines. Go to the Domotics scenario
  • The IHC Programming module is suitable for students of level A2 (absolute minimum) and upwards, it is part of the vocational training of electricians and deals with how to program and test an IHC DOMOTICS system. Students should have worked with the DOMITICS scenario prior to the IHC programming. Go to the IHC Programming scenario
  • The Web Page Task scenario makes use of "task based learning", the studentswill need to be at language level A2-B1 and upwards. The class will be divided into four groups, each group is given a task brief covering
    • How to get a free website with email accounts.
    • How to send files to the website using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Demands for netiquette (rules for proper email behaviour)
    • How to write a webpage using HTML and CSS coding
    • Where to get free graphics for your website including how to reduce the file size so the pages load quickly and the copyright rules for texts and graphics.
    Go to the Web Page Task scenario

Pools-3: Watch two videos from the 2nd workshop where Gordon Wells presents: Creating Audio/Video source materials and Kent Andersen's demonstrates and talks about: Clilstore, Wordlink, Multidict, and Webquests:

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May 2014

Registration for EUROCALL2014 is open. Almost 200 papers from presenters all over the world have been accepted, so we are looking forward to offering you an attractive and varied programme in our lively university city of Groningen. Please register in time. You will find all the registration details, including accommodation, on:

Please note that early-bird rate ends on 31 May. If you are not a member of EUROCALL or one of the affiliated associations, allow for a few days for the registration to be completed.

Clil4U: We have uploaded a new scenario "Plants" for primary schools. The scenario will give the learners understanding of plants as living things. It will be an introduction to the parts of a plant and their functions: roots, leaf / leaves, stem and flower. Plants is suitable for learners from level A1:

Another scenario titled the Solar System targets pupils from level A1 with the aim to learn the names and some charasteristics of the planets that form the Solar System and to understand the Sun and the Earth as a part of  the Solar System:

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April 2014

Clil4U has finalized the "Digestive System" scenario, which is suitable for vocational students at level B1

Clil4U has prepared a CLIL scenario titled “Food for Life”, which is suitable for level A2 in primary schools: 

Clil4U has prepared a CLIL scenario titled “Fruit & Vegetables”, which is suitable for level A1 in primary schools:

Tools: The TOOLS partnership now offers free online courses on how to

-make multimedia rich webpage units with Clilstore where all words are linked to +100 languages and a plethora of online dictionaries

-make best use of Clilstore units in the class room including CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) pedagogy

The participants will be given tasks to submit to the TOOLS teachers, who will give advice and feedback directly through email.

The duration of the course will be one month through which the participants will have to put in the equivalent of two workdays.

The target groups are content and language teachers with an interest in CLIL. All languages are welcome, there will, however, be a dedicated group for teachers of Arabic and Lithuanian.

Deadline for enrolling in the courses is May 15th 2014.

To enrol in the courses email with the text “TOOLS online courses” and a brief description of yourself (student/teacher of …)

Tools: Major improvements to the online service a.k.a. Clilstore. Clilstore now features a "click count" which shows how many words users have clicked on in each unit (starting from April 2014), just click on "Unit info".

Pools-3: During the 2nd project meeting the tems prepared three videos, two of these have been deployed in Clilstore so all words are linked to online dictionaries, try:

Tools: The Danish project team ran a Tools course in Aalborg at Aalborg Handelsskole (A commercial college). The feedback from the 19 participants gave us valuable insight that will be used for restructuring the upcoming teacher courses in Denmark (One more in Aalborg, Roskilde, Copenhagen, Odense, and a larger scale course in Fredericia targeting teachers from vocational colleges in Southern Denmark. The Aalborg course resulted in 16 Clilstore units, nine of them ready to use and seven marked as "under construction"

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March 2014

Download the pools project newsletter issue 41. Click here

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February 2014

BABELIUM, a project dealing with innovative ICT-based learning methodology and content for second-language oral expression is one of the Pools kindred projects, learn more from their website:

Erasmus+ courses in Malta: In February, Methods and CLIL4U were disseminated to teachers from the Netherlands, Romania, France, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Finland, and Denmark. Other teachers from different countries will also be visiting ETI over March and the Easter period.
ETI is currently receiving several enquiries about the new grant, and how teachers can apply for funding.  For more information on Erasmus + Grants, go to:   or contact:

EU fundable summercourses for professionals in Language Education In collaboration with the Universities of Antwerp, Nice, Valencia and Catalunya (OU) TELLconsult is coordinating summercourses on effective Interactive Whiteboards use and WEB 2.0 technologies to develop oral proficiency and telecollaboration based on the results of related, 2-year EU projects
These courses may qualify for European Key Action 1 grant assistance under the new Erasmus+ funding framework, the more since they can support the realization of internationalization ambitions of educational organisations.
More information about the course descriptions, day-to-day programmes and international teams of animators involved is available at:

Tools: A smal Wordlink trick: If you want your students to work with e.g. then try to add to the following link "", i.e. the resulting link will be:

Pools-3: The teams are preparing the 2nd workshop, which will take place in Barcelona. Read the agenda here.

Clil4U: The project has now set up accounts for Facebook and Twitter Twitter

One of the possible scenarios in Clil4U is "Marketing". We have therefore prepared an online sequence of units: The units are based onoutcomes from a project from 1999, which is still very much in use.

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January 2014

Clil4U: The project funded period has started. The teams are now preparing for the kick-off meeting in Madrid at the end of the month. The project consortium has secured Davis Marsh for external quality control. Read more about the project from

The project brochures can be downloaded in Danish, English, and Italian

Pools-3: The Catalan team has finished producing a DIY video for teachers with voice over in Catalan. The video demonstrates how to produce online materials where all words are linked to +100 languages. Watch the video

The Pools portfolio of projects now contains four ongoing projects. Read more in the January-March newsletter.

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December 2013

TOOLS: The TOOLS book also known as the "Clilstore Guidebook" is now available as .pdf .epub (for tablets like iPads) and as .azw3 (for Kindle readers) in all the project languages: Click here to download

Pools-3: The Catalan team has produced a video (originally from the TOOLS project) with voice over in Catalan, learn how a student can make best use of the services found in Clilstore: Go to the page with Catalan DIY videos

Methods: The teams have nowadapted the five videos from BP-BLTM that demonstrate language teaching methods in real classes. The online videos can now be watched with subtitles in

Pools-3: The project webpage is now available in Czech, Catalan, and Irish

EUROCALL: Submission of abstracts is now open for EUROCALL2014. The 21st EUROCALL conference will be held at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands from 20th to 23rd August 2014.

The program will include individual papers, symposia, workshops, presentations on EU-funded projects, and posters. More information:

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November 2013

TOOLS: The Clilstore Guidebook is now also available (in the ePub versions for tablet readers etc.) in Lithuanian and Portuguese

One of the projects kindred to POOLS "EuroTraffic Language Training (ETRALT)" run by an international project team from Croatia, Finland, Ireland and Slovenia have just finished the project period and have developed a free online language course for the traffic sector (professional drivers, policemen, students/teachers of traffic schools). The materials are now avilable in 4 languages : EN, FI, HR and SI (any combination of these 4 languages can be used for learning): Go to

TOOLS: The CLIL Guidebook showing how to exploit the online service (Clilstore) in a CLIL context is/will be available in different formats; eBooks with integrated media (.epub) suitable for tablets, .azw3 versions (for Kindle readers), and .pdf versions

Download the .pdf versions in:

Download the epub (iPads etc.) version in:

Download the azw3 (Kindle) version in:

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October 2013

Pools-3: DIY videos will be produced in the three core project languages. The videos cover how to produce online language learning materials. Watch the first set of videos with subtitles in:

Tools: Tools will be presented with a round table workshop in Athen. Read more here.

Pools-3 brochures: The project brochure is now ready in English, Catalan, Czech, Irish, and Danish

Methods: The project brochure is now available in English, Danish, French, and Slovenian

Technology in Teaching: Principles in Practice is a free online conference on October 12 hosted jointly by TESOL CALL-IS (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, USA - Computer Assisted Language Learning Interest Section) and IATEFL LTSIG (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, UK - Learning Technologies Special Interest Group). Guest speakers include: Christel Broady, Carol Chapelle, Gavin Dudeney, Deborah Healey, Nicky Hockly, Phil Hubbard, Sophia Ioannou-Georgiou, Paige Ware, and Shaun Wilden.

The topics are designed to provide a grounding for classroom practice in principled application of technology. Attendees will be able to use the chat box to ask questions and share information with other attendees during each talk as well as during a Q&A session during the last 10-15 minutes of each talk. The closing session will allow presenters to wrap up ideas and answer more questions from the audience. Each session will be approximately 45 minutes long.

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, October 12, 2013
7am Pacific, 3pm London
Opening plenary: The case for technology and language learning - Carol Chapelle (CALL-IS)

8am Pacific, 4pm London
The role of online tools in teacher development - Shaun Wilden (LTSIG)

9am Pacific, 5pm London
Classroom pedagogies - Nicky Hockly (LTSIG)

10am Pacific, 6pm London
TESOL Technology Standards: Why, how, and for whom - Deborah Healey, Phil Hubbard, Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou, and Paige Ware, with help from Elizabeth Hanson-Smith (CALL-IS)

11am Pacific, 7pm London
Digital literacies - Gavin Dudeney (LTSIG)

12 noon Pacific, 8pm London
The sky is not the limit: Connecting with elementary makers in the cloud - Christel Broady (CALL-IS)

1pm Pacific, 9pm London
Joint closing session - all presenters; open Q&A session

This online conference will take place in Adobe Connect, at Please check the webpage below for Adobe Connect login information and to verify the link to the room.
The meeting room will be open half an hour before the webinar begins. It will not be possible to log in earlier. Interested participants can drop in at any time during the conference.
Please log in using the format: Name - Location. For example, Bruce Wayne - Gotham City.

Information is available at

Sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing. You do not need to be a member of IATEFL or TESOL to participate in the online conference or to view the recordings. This is a free session.

We hope to see you there!

Helle Lykke Nielsen, a Tools member, delivered a presentation during Eurocall on how to the the ides of "curation" (based on Phil Hubbard) one step further to "nudging". Download her PowerPoint presentation.

Two new projects in the Pools family have started on October 1st:
Pools-3, a ToI project transferring the Pools and Pools-2 results to three new languages. Learn more
Methods, a ToI project transferring the results from BP-BLTM and Pools-m to three new countrie. Learn more

The eBook versions of the Tools project handbook "Clilstore Guidebook" have been taken offline while the teams prepare updated versions (to prevent the dissemination of the not finished book)

September 2013

The project Newsletter October-December 2013 is now ready for download. Click here.

The Tools teams have prepared an eBook demonstrating how to make use of the Tools outcomes in a pedagogical context. The first versions of the book have been compiled in the .epub format, which is supported by most eBook readers (e.g. iPads and iPhones) and incorporate video. Download the book in (temporarily offline):

  • Danish N.B. New version will be available by end October
  • English N.B. New version will be available by end October
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August 2013

The Pools project portfolio is growing. SDE College has together with a consortium of new and old friends submitted a KA2 proposal titled Clil4U. The proposal has now been approved for EC co-funding.

The Clil4U project will assist implementation of CLIL in primary schools and in vocational colleges through:
- 6 promotional videos showing CLIL used in classes
- 48 ready to use CLIL scenarios complete with instructions and materials
- Online collection of materials and commented links to resources
- Advisory materials to be used for including parents of primary school children in the CLIL process.

To prepare content and language teachers for implementation of CLIL the project will:
- Develop a teacher course on application of CLIL
- Develop online language courses for content teachers (to ensure the needed language level)
- Offer the content teachers a placement test and certification of language level according to CEF.

The Clil4U project will start on January 1st 2014

We have (helped by Joel Josephson:-) found a kindred project "Ed2.0Work" which has made a sequence of instruction videos demonstrating how to use Skype, WizIQ, Voicethread, Voxopop, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, AudioBoo, Slideshare, Prezi, Google Drive, Wikispaces, PBWorks, Diigo, Delicious, Reddit and the EU project Web20ERC. Watch the videos here:

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July 2013

One of the core outcomes of the TOOLS project is a CLIL Guidebook showing how to exploit the online service (Clilstore) in a CLIL context. The book will be available in Danish, English, Irish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The guidebook titled "Clilstore Guidebook" will be finalized by a graphics designer and undergo design changes so it can be used as an eBook with integrated media. Click here to download the English version

The July-September version of the Pools/Tools project newsletter is now online. Click here to download.

The TOOLS teams have now finished the DIY videos for students and teachers (authors), the videos are available in seven languages: Danish, English, Irish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelice, and Spanish. N.B this is two more languages than promised in the TOOLS application. You can access the videos by clicking here

To support an introduction of best use of the online Clilstore units we have produced seven units demonstrationg the multidict interface, wordlink and Clilstore:

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June 2013

The team are busy preparing the language version of the TOOLS DIY (Do It Yourself) videos that demonstrate how to produce online materials and for the learners hor to make best use of the online units. You can access the videos by clicking here The videos will soon be availble in seven languages: Danish, English, Irish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelice, and Spanish.

The two TOOLS videos with a Portuguse speaker are now online. Watch them from here.

The two TOOLS videos with a Lithuanian speaker are now online. Watch them from here.

The DIY video for teachers is now available with an Irish speaker from:

The Irish version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at:

The DIY video for teachers is now available with a Spanish speaker from:

The DIY video for teachers is now available with a Danish speaker from:

The DIY video for teachers is now available with an English speaker from:

The English version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at:

The Danish version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at:

The Spanish version of the student do it yourself videos demonstrating how to make best use of the TOOLS outcomes can be watched at:

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May 2013

The TOOLS teams have started the final parts of the Do It Yourself vides demonstrating how teachers and language learners can benefit from the project online services. Two of the videos are now online in Spanish and in Danish. Watch the Spanish version here: or the Danish version here:

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April 2013

We have just received the feedback from EACEA about the TOOLS Progress Report covering the first 15 months project period. We are very please with the feedback where we have been graded an overall "9" (max score is 10). Read the feedback here

TheTools teams met in Valencia for their third workshop during the project period. One of the main items decided during the workshop was the design/outlook of the Tools online service a.k.a. Clilstore. You can follow the implementation of the design during the coming weeks from the main entry to Clilstore (and two other important services) here: We also noticed that we used the wrong icon with the mandatory disclaimer, also that will be corected shortly in all our outcomes. Download the meeting minutes

You can now download the Pools/Tools newsletter issue 37. Click here to download.

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March 2013

The TOOLS project makes use of external quality control. We have just received the 2nd quality report. Download it here.

14 months into the TOOLS project the teams have prepared a progress report. The progress report contains two parts a confidential one and the public part. But the TOOLS partnership believes in transparency so you can download and read the two parts from:,_reports_etc.)

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February 2013

Visit the Eurocall 2013 website and learn all about the event where also the TOOLS teams will run a half-day workshop on how to apply CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) with the support of the free software service, which we are developing

We have started the task of updating the Clilstore service with designs and functions that target students and teachers. This may result in short periods where the service is offline. Please visit

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January 2013

The simulation AIRPORT (see is now making use of Clilstore: The English version of the five profiles are availble online with all words linked to dictionaries in +100 languages:,,,, and

Call for Papers for Eurocall 2013, University of Evora, Portugal 11-14 September 2013: Like the TOOLS project you too can present projects, research, experience, and ideas at Eurocall 2013. Download the Call for Paper here

The website has had 117,346 visitors since February 2012. You can read the statistics here

The Clilstore "Guided tour" manual has been translated into Greek, Italian, and Turkish by friends in another EU Co-funded project pools-cx:

The CALL Interest Section of the international TESOL professional association is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2013 sessions.

This project is a virtual extension of the TESOL 2013 Convention in Dallas in which educators around the globe will have the chance to enhance their professional development, network, collaborate, share and learn with like-minded professionals in wonderful online sessions that were carefully designed by our moderators.

You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate in a FREE, five-week, online session of the EVO, January 14 - February 17, 2013.

Please visit our Announcement Web page to select one among the various session offerings.

Donload Newsletter issue 36 here

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December 2012

The Lithuanian team has adapted and translated the guide/manual on how to author a unit in Clilstore. Download the Lithuanian version here

You can now experience the guided tour of Clilstore authoring in six languages:

The guided tour can also be used from within Clilstore itself.

  1. in English at
  2. in Irish at:,
  3. in Danish at
  4. In Spanish at:
  5. In Lithuanian at:
  6. In Portuguese at:

One of the new POOLS partners, ETI Malta will be running a series of Teacher Training course programmes in Malta over 2013. The participation on these 1 or 2 week in-service training courses are held at the ETI in Malta and are all eligible for full funding under the EU Life Long Learning Programme. The courses address the Comenius, Leonardo and Grundtvig audiences and most are run in cooperation with SDE (Denmark) and exploit the results of past POOLS projects mainly the BP-BLTM (Best Practice Best Language Teaching Methodologies) and POOLS-T. Download more information here.

The Portuguese TOOLS team is running a pilit course for teachers to test a Portuguese version of guide/manual on how to author a unit in Clilstore. The guide will be put online after the course and possible edits resulted by evaluations and feedback.

In Odense, Denmak, the two Danish teams meet for a minit teacher course. Main item is how to embed different audio formats in Clilstore.

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November 2012

The first "manual" for the online Clilstore service is now available in Spanish: Download the Spanish version

A class of 19 students (electricians' apprentices tested the Clilstore outputs after a one week course. Read their evaluations here or open a summary here.

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October 2012

The Newsletter issue 35 is now available for download. Click here to download

We have made a guide/manual on how to author a unit in Clilstore. The guide can now be downloaded or used from within Clilstore itself. Test the guide in English at, in Irish at:, or in Danish at

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September 2012

The TOOLS teams have now prepared a first manual for the online service a.k.a. Clilstore: Clilstore - Guided Tour. How to create a unit in Clilstore

The first "manual" for the online Clilstore service is now available in Irish: Download the Irish version

During the EUROCALL Conference the TOOLS teams had a meeting with Phil Hubbard from Stanford University. Phil Hubbard gave a very interesting presentation on “Autonomous learning with authentic content -- systemized and curated” we have decided in the near future to prepare pages with “curated” units from Clilstore in different languages. Download Phil Hubbard’s presentation

The TOOLS teams presented the online service Clilstore in Gothenburg with an exhibition and through presentations. One result is 23 new units in Slovenščina (Slovenian) and 6 units in Русский (Russian) all of these compiled by one user, Morgan Nilsson. See how he has integrated his units into Clilstore: and visit the original page with instructions in Swedish,

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August 2012

Powerpoint presentation used during the TOOLS workshop in Gotheburg, the presentation has a list of useful links. Download it from here.

Plan / Agenda used for the first three hours workshop in Gothenburg. Download the plan here.

The TOOLS teams are preparing our second project workshop, you can read the agenda here

The TOOLS teams can offer a half das workshop on August 22nd from 10.00-13.00More information here:
Workshop Leaders
: Ana Gimeno, Caoimhín O’Dónnaile, Caoimhín Ó Dónaill, Kent Andersen, and Helle Lykke Nielsen.
Intended Audience: Language teachers (also those of the LWUTL) who would like to develop online multimedia-rich resources where all of the words in a text are linked automatically to a plethora of languages and dictionaries.

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July 2012

The July-September issue of the pools newsletter describes the project exploitation across Europe. Click here to download.

A kindred project Ed2.Work has prepared a set of 17 videos demonstrating Web2.0 tools (includes Skype, WiZiq, Voicethread, Voxopop, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Audioboo, Slideshare, Prezi, Google Docs, Wikispaces, PBworks, Diigo, Delicious, Reddit) To watch the videos click here

At the SDE College, we have tested some Clilstore ourputs with two classes of students at elementary level (Most of them below CEFR level A1 in reading skills), the results shows that some student can benefit from the wordlinked outputs, but also that elementary students may find the reading of texts less beneficial;-) Read evaluation results here.

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June 2012

A Romanian project Pools-CX has developed teacher courses that make use of the TOOLS project outcomes. An inservice teacher course in Istanbul tested the online service Clilstore and gave us valuable feedback. Read the teacher evaluations here.

The Web2LLP project funded under the Lifelong learning Programme (KA4) is organising free courses on web strategies and social media for LLP projects , both face-to-face and online, for managers and members of LLP projects. The week long face-to-face course will take place in Leuven, Belgium on 18 – 23 February 2013 and you can apply to your LLP national agency for funding until September 2012.

The online courses will be held during the period February – July 2013. These 10 hour courses, organised in 5 modules of 2 hours each, are available in English, French or Italian and will be backed up by an online help desk and support service.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on these training courses please email:

Furthermore, to give us a better understanding of your training needs in respect of social media, please complete this very short questionnaire by July 5, which will take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

From Lisette Toetenel we have received this: I am a PhD student at Oxford Brookes and I am researching the effect of direct instruction in the use of the informal register in the (English) second language classroom through the use of social networking sites. I am currently looking for teachers/lecturers and institutions that might be interested to participate in my project.

The project will run for ten weeks from January 2013 to March 2013. The social network and all teaching materials will be provided. The role of the teacher/lecturer is to ensure that the students can access the material in class and assist the students when necessary.

If you are interested in the use of the informal register or social networking sites - this project might be of interest to you!

More information is provided in this Powerpoint presentation. Please contact me for any more information or if you are interested. In order to participate, I would require a letter from your institution to confirm participation.

Lisette Toetenel,

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May 2012

Evaluation of TOOLS: We have received the first project evaluation from the external evaluator

A Romanian Transfer of Innovation project (developing Centres of Excellence in Greece, Italy, Romania, and Turkey) makes use of the Clilstore from TOOLS as a key element in their teacher training courses. Read a presentation of the Greek teacher courses.

“It’s excellent, give us more!”, that was the overwhelming response from Year 1 and Year 2 students of Irish at the University of Ulster following a recent trial of Clilstore. The units created for the purpose of this trial: were based on sample materials from the new Third Level Syllabus for Irish (see which is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Read more in the project blog.

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April 2012

It is inspiring to learn the many new ways the Clilstore service cane be used by different language teachers. An example is a unit called "Car Diagnostics for Dummies" where the learners listen to seven sound files that demonstrate typical car problems and then have to select the cause for the fault. After listening the students download a small written assignment by clicking "exercise". Try it here:

Newsletter issue 33 Apr-Jun 2012 is ready for download

We are keeping fingers crossed for a new proposal titled POOLS-C. The project will develop a CLIL teacher training course for language teachers and content teachers who want to teach content and language at the same time. The content teachers will be offered language courses and a certification of language skills. The project will develop 48 exemplary CLIL teaching scenarios complete with materials and supported by a guide plus videos showing how to work with Content and Language Integrated Learning in primary schools and vocational colleges. Download and read the detailed applicating.

The Executive Training Institure, ETI Malta is now a member of the pools consortium. offering a range of the pools courses in 2012 1nd 2013 (pools-m and pools-2). Participation in the courses is supported by EU grants. For more information visit the ETI homepage or email (the pools webmaster)

We have received the final eveluationof pools-m from the Danish national agency. The final score is a 9, read the final approvement and evaluation here

Download the compiled user evaluations from pools-m: Text comments from students and teachers, teachers evaluations, and student evaluations

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March 2012

We have just received the results from the national agenc of the pools-m final evaluation: We received a 9 (maximum is 10:-)

Pools-m is still going strong:-) On March 6th the Turkish coordinator received the official national accreditation this means that Pools-M in-service training programmes have gained FORMAL RECOGNITION from the biggest national education body across Turkeyand will now be offered on a wide scale:-)

After the move back to Europe from a US-based hosting service in mid-February the statistics for the website visitors have been very promising: Read the statistics covering the February period: Statistics February 2012

One of the core results in the Tools project is the online service where you can create webbased units with all words linked to online dictionaries. The Tools teams would like you to assist us with a name for the service. Please vote for a name here

In first week of February a consortium of new and old POOLS partners submitted a proposal for a Life Long Learning – Key Action 2 project (transversal language projects). The project title became POOLS-C (POOLS for Clil teachers), as is suggested by the title the project aims at implementing CLIL (Content and language integrated learning) with a 360 degrees approach (holistic): We intend to develop 48 ready to use scenarios for CLIL in primary schools and vocational colleges, demonstration videos of exemplary CLIL teaching based on the scenarios, Language teacher courses on CLIL methods, information materials for parents to include these in the CLIL teaching in primary school, research/interview framework for getting advice from local enterprises regarding the subject related content, AND language certification courses for content/subject teachers.

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February 2012

From one of the pools friends (Jane Vinther) we have received this: We would like to invite language teachers worldwide to fill in this Two-Minute Survey on Open Language Learning:

This survey is part of a research project by Jozef Colpaert, University of Antwerp, and Glenn Stockwell, Waseda University, Tokyo, aiming at identifying factors which might impact on the use of Open Educational Resources in the Language Learning and Teaching Community worldwide.

Open Educational Resources (OER) can be defined as “digital materials that can be re-used for teaching, learning, research and more, made available for free through open licenses, which allow uses of the materials that would not be easily permitted under copyright alone” (

The results of this survey will be sent to all participants who provide their email address. They will also be presented at the EuroCall SIG meeting on Open Educational Resources in Bologna (29-30 March 2012), the XVth International CALL Research Conference in Taiwan (25-27 May 2012), the CALICO 2012 conference at Notre Dame University, and will be published in Computer Assisted Language Learning. The data will also be made available as Open Research Data for researchers worldwide.

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January 2012

The TOOLS online service works with Arabic, test it here: الصداقة في العالم العربي

TOOLS now has its own blog: as well as a Twitter account:

All TOOLS outcomes are CopyLeft, read the signed agreement here

The agenda for the TOOLS kick-off workshop can be downloaded here

The TOOLS project has started its official project period. Go to the TOOLS main page

Download the website statistics from December 2011

Download newsletter issue 32 Jan-Mar 2012


December 2011

Pools-m finished the official project period with a teacher course in Denmark on PhyEmoC and CALL. Download the slides in Danish for:

The final evaluation report from the external evaluators is now ready for download here.

November 2011

All 150 Videos in the Series One and Series Two Island Voices collection are now available for download in “avi” format from the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig website:

smo logo

This new facility means that, once you download a particular video to your computer, you won’t need to go online every time you want to watch it. This may be especially useful if there are some particular clips you want to use on a regular basis, or if you’re taking your laptop somewhere where there isn’t a good internet connection.

The page also gives links to the transcripts for downloading in Word format, as well as to the original YouTube locations (already available through the Series One and Series Two pages on this site, which also give links to detailed pdf catalogues for each series).

SUPSI has added two more methods to the already popular video on language teaching methods. The final video demonstrates the five communicative language teaching methods (PhyEmoC, Task Based Learning, eTandem learning, Simulations, and Computer Assisted Language Learning). Go to the video and supporting materials

The POOLS-M partnership has decided to open the online evaluation areas. These areas will remain open for the next two years so we can collect data on the courses. Please user the online forms so you can assist us in the work after the funded period:

Pools-m has produced the final course guide. Click here to download

A number of new units with videos, text (words linked to +100 languages), and exercises has been added to the teaching materials:

Pools-2 may have finished the funded period, but the teams are still actively adding new content, e.g. try a Portuguese unit here. Or use your Smartphone / tablet QR reader here:
The pools-m teams are preparing for the final project meeting in Vilnius. Read the agenda here.

Download the website statistics covering October here.

October 2011

Try an impressive lesson for learning Greek: Click here. The page with video and text linked word by word to +100 dictionaries was created in less than one minute. The resource to do so will be open for your testing in January 2012.

The pools-2 course has been used in Larissa, Greece as part of a Romanian TOI project pilot course. At the course participants learned to develop online resources like crossword puzzles and drag and drop exercises and the very first prototype from the tools project (to start activities in 2012) was also used and tested.

The statistics for the website covering September 2011 can be downloaded here.

Pools-2 has finished the funded project period, read the evaluation report from the external evaluators here.

September 2011

Newsletter 31 is ready for download here

The aims of the upcoming TOOLS project was presented during Eurocall 2011 in Nottingham by Caoimhín o Donnaille and Kent Andersen with an exhibition stand. The project was also presented by Ana Gimeno, the Eurocall president at the AGM.

Tools now has a FaceBook account where you can assist with comments and suggestions, meet the participants at

August 2011

All the pools-2 DIY videos are now available with French subtitles. Watch them here

Great jubilation: TOOLS has been approved for funding:. The TOOLS project will deliver a free online service which can be accessed with tablets like iPads to create multimedia rich webpages where all words are linked directly to Multidict (+120 dictionaries), the resulting  pages automatically become online ready to be used by your students and the rest of the world - all of it for free:-)

TOOLS is scheduled to start on January 1st 2012, but we'll present the ideas and objectives with an exhibition stand during the Eurocall conference in September: Download the first TOOLS brochure

A Romanian pools sister project CX has prepared a new brochure. Download from here the project is a transfer of innovation project coordinated by the university of Piteste. Visit the CX website.

Pools-cx has added subtitles in Turkish to the pools-t and pools videos. Watch the videos here

July 2011

New materials for learning Maltese with video and text linked word by word to dictionaries:

Download the project newsletter issue 30 here.

The statistics for the first six months of 2011 indicates approximately 30.000 unique visitors. Download to read here

June 2011

Nostalgia has hit the webmaster while waiting for the EACEA decision on the future of the "tools" project. Try some of his old repurposed exercises:

SUPSI, the Swiss pools-m partner has collected the electronic evaluations from the past pools-m pilot courses. The evaluation results from teachers and their students can be downloaded here:

SUPSI has also prepared a Video demonstrating three methods complete with ready to use materials 

The work on improving the access to dictionaries (Multidict) has been continued since pools-t finished in September 2010. Right now Caomhín O Donnaile is investigating how to include Kalaallisut (Greenlandic)

Pools members have compiled a video with several languages. If you recognize all the languages in the video then email the list of languages to the first ten to do so will receive a pools t-shirt. To watch the video click here

The pools website is dedicated to serving all languages, especially the less widely taught languages, but also English: Try a new exercise English Mania.

The twenty Greek videos have now been completed with summary, cultural notes, language notes, transcript, and translation. Go to the Greek videos

A book of reference (based on the work of BP-BLTM, POOLS, POOLS-2, and POOLS-M) for Computer Assisted Language Learning can now be downloaded in English, Greek, Italian, and Turkish

The Pools-m project teams run a free training course on teaching methods in Bodrum, Turkey. The course is between 11/07/2011 - 14/07/2011 (11th July and 14th July are travelling dates). To participate please contact Burak Demirkazýk:

Pools-m will be presented during the EfVET 2011 conference in Malta with round table presentations: Download the proposal here

May 2011

Pools-m: The Swiss partner SUPSI has prepared a video demonstrating three of the language teaching methods. Watch the video here.

The team met in Istanbul to fine tune the materials, plans and ideas for the last half year of the project.

The student travel preparation guide has now been updated with a new layout: Download the guide in English, Lithuanian, Turkish, or Italian

April 2011

Two of the pools friends Svetlana and Artem from Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukraine National University want to share with you their ready to use English lessons complete with video, work sheets, and Hot Potatoes exercises. Download the zipped exercises (60Mb data)

Tools: While we have our fingers crossed for the tools application you can read the submitted file here
I have just received a message through Youtube demonstrating the need for tools!-: "Please! Help! The TextBlender does not work with the Russian language. I have already tried everything! I have written in openoffice, copied the text to pad and pasted it agyin to textblender. it does not work! I tried to change fonts, it does not help! please! How to paste a russian text? Thank you!"

Pools-t: The project received a 9 out of 10 in the final evaluation. Read the report here

The project newsletter issue 29 is ready for downloading.

Impressive website 2011 statistics:-)
Statistics March 2011
Statistics covering February 2011
Statistics covering January 2011

Pools-2: The project teams met in March in Evora, Portugal to check on progress and milestones. Read the minutes here.

Read a compilation of evaluations from the Portuguese courses: Download the evaluations here

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March 2011

Tools: The tools application has been submitted six weeks before the KA2 deadline:-) Tools proposes to develop a fully online application, which will allow authoring of language learning materials to and from mobile devices (e.g. iPads and smart phones) where the results automatically become online. The online service will combine the functions of the pools-t results: Wordlink, Multidict, and TextBlender so the multimedia rich learning output is linked word by word to online dictionaries. Tools will support all languages e.g. Arabic texts and will work on all operating systems.

Pools-2 has delivered the final versions of the course book / manual in:

Conference announcements: The 1st International Conference on Language Testing and Assessment. June 3-5, 2011 (preconference workshops June 3) Venue: Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

September, 28-30, 2011 the Language Teaching Centre of Freiburg University will host an International Conference on LANGUAGE POLICY AND LANGUAGE TEACHING:  "Multilingualism in Society, the World of Work, and Politics. New Challenges for Teaching at Institutes of Higher Education/Universities". For further information please click directly on the conference homepage:  or check our website:

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February 2011

The pools partners recommend you to join the European Schoolnet (EUN), which is open for new members. EUN is more than 10 years old, and we are growing from strength to strength. With 31 Ministries of Education now members, European Schoolnet looks set to develop even more in the future, with more countries in the process of joining. What's more, a recent decision by the Steering Committee will open membership of European Schoolnet Partnership to the wider educational community, including regions, non-governmental organisations organisations and educational institutions such as universities and schools. Download the EUN brochure

: The Danish layout artist Lone Olstrup has created the final versions of the pools-m method manuals.

Download the new CALL manual in

Download the new eTandem manual in

Download the new PhyEmoC manual in

Download the new Simulations manual in

Download the new Task Based Learning manual in

After moving the website to a new hosting service we can get more reliable information on the activity: Statistics covering January 2011

During the move to a new web hosting service some files may have been lost. If you experience a link which is not working then please mail with a description of the missing link.

The students' corner has been restructured. Watch videos produced by students from

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January 2011

Pools and pools-2: Enterprise, the third and final section in the series of Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices videos, is now complete and online. Click here to get to the menu page.

Completion of this section brings the total number of videos between the first and second series to 150. It’s a tribute to these island communities that so many individuals and organisations were prepared to make important contributions to a body of work that will be a very useful resource for local learners of both languages, and perhaps of wider interest still.

As the Enterprise catalogue explains, the amount and level of material in this section pose a new order of challenge for learners. Good luck!

Pools-m: We have received the evaluation report covering the first 12 months of the project from our external evaluators. Click here to download and read

Pools-2: More videos have been added to the Portuguese video area. There are now 23 Portuguese videos. Click here to watch the videos

The feedback to the Interim Report from the Spanish National Agency has arrived and can be downloaded here

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December 2010

This website has just moved to another host. Uploading all the files may have caused some to be lost (I may have forgotten a file). Please mail if you find a file or page is missing.

Newsletter issue 28 is ready for download

Pools-t: New Dutch exercises have been made online:

Pools-2: Four new Maltese videos can now be watched complete with texts and notes. Go to the Maltese video area.

The Interim report has been submitted, the report reflects the results from the first project year.

The Portuguese team has started the pilot courses, as a result from one of the courses a new unit for learning Portuguese "Quem somos nós?" is now online. Test it here

Also the Cyprus team has had the first pilot course with 20 participants. One of the results is an online unit in Greek "The Tombs of the Kings" or "Οι Τάφοι των Βασιλέων". The unit has been saved in a Dropbox folder.

Pools-m: The Turkish team have adapted and translated the PhyEmoC Guide, the eTandem Learning Guide, the Call Guide, and the Task Based Learning guide.

The work placement guide for students has now been adapted and translated into Lithuanian, download it here

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November 2010

Pools-t:  After the funded period the Scottish team has improved the Wordlink software even furthers, new functions are: The last word that has been clicked in a text is highlighted and a user can click Esc to return to the "normal" webpage.

The project, which finished in September, has prepared the Final Report. Download the Final Report confidential part and public part. One of the last outputs from pools-t was the compilation of the Exploitation Report.

Pools-m: The Demonstration videos showing five teaching methods are now available with Italian subtitles. Watch the here.

The project teams met in Pistoia, Italy for a one week workshop, which included a pilot course with presentation of language teaching methods and tools.

The Lithuanian version of the CALL course book is ready for download.

The Italian team has developed a board game for students preparing for a work placement period. Download the board in low resolution or in high resolution, Notes/manual for the teacher can be downloaded here.

Pools-2: The External evaluation report covering the first project year is ready for download.

Several new videos have been added to the Portuguse video collection. Watch the videos here

The Portuguese team has made two new exercises with videos and texts:

October 2010

Pools-m: Download the agenda for the project workshop and pilot course in November.

Two days teacher course on language teaching methods in Italy November 2nd and 3rd 2010. Quick registration needed. Download brochure here

The project teams have started the process of preparing subtitles for videos showing the language teaching and learning methods in real classes. The subtitles are now ready in

The Italian team has prepared a new simulation. Download it from here

Sample materials produced for the course:

All pools: Newsletter 27 can now be downloaded here

Pools-2: The Cyprus team has adapted and translated the course book into Greek download it here.

New Maltese videos are now online: Maltese Videos

New brochure in French can be downloaded here.

The meeting minutes from the September meeting in Malta can be downloaded here.

Download the evaluation form to be used for the pilot courses in: English, Greek, Maltese

Pools-t: Caoimhín has made yet another breakthrough with the Wordlink tools. Pages that until this week misbehaved now work well, e.g. the BBC website - Try BBC in a Wordlinked format.

The Swiss team has prepared 10 new units using the TextBlender:
Health Care and Social Work
Knee ligament anatomy

Engineering, Architecture and Visual Communication
Louis Kahn
Building Green

What did you learn in school today
Streets of London
Born in the USA

Gordon Wells has prepared 20 units for learning English and 20 units for learning Gaelic making use of a Wordpress blog combined with linking words to dictionaries through Wordlink. Try the 40 Wordlinked texts:

The final project workshop took place in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Read the agenda, the workshop minutes, and the workshop evaluation.

September 2010

Pools-t: Several Greek exercises added: Τα ζώα θέλουν φροντίδα - Κατανόηση Προφορικού Λόγου and Διατροφή - Πιστοποίηση Ελληνομάθειας Επίπεδο Γ΄

Two Dutch exercises can now be accessed online: Farewell, and at the station

An English unit based on a Wordpress blog: Norman Maclean: Creativity and values (A unit making use of Wordlink with exercises made with Hot Potatoes)

Two Dutch units on how to wire a British plug can now be tested. The units may be suitable for a CLIL lesson targeting to levels of users:

Pools-2: The teams have prepared a course evaluation form for course participants to ensure adaptation of and fine tuning the courses. Download the form in English, or Greek.

Two French videos has been added to the video portfolio of pools-2 outcomes: Watch them here

The pools-2 workshop in Malta was successful, read the participants evaluation here.

The Portuguese team has uploaded several videos. Watch the videos in the Portuguese video page

Also the Cyprus team has uploaded several videos: Watch the videos in the Cyprus video page (in Greek)

The project teams have prepared sample exercises based on video and text (web pages compiled with the TextBlender) followed by crosswords, fill in the blank etc. exercises (created with Hot Potatoes), all the exercises are online (made automatically in the public area of a Dropbox folder). Try unit one from the Portuguese team or unit two. Try unit one from the Cyprus team, More units from the Maltese team is being prepared.

Pools-t: The final quality report from the evaluators Angelica Bucur and Gareth Long has been received with pleasure. It is for the partnership a very pleasant read:-) Download from here

The Danish team arranged a short course for teachers working with immigrant students, for the course a short introduction for Wordlink and Multidict was prepared in Danish

Lone Olstrup has finalized the layout and look for the CLIL manual in all the project languages. Download the manual in:

Pools-CX Centres of Excellence a Transfer of Innovation project based on the original pools project with a Romanian coordinator has been approved for funding

Pools-2: The Maltese pools-2 team has developed / adapted six WebQuests into Maltese, test them here:

The Maltese team has finished adapting and translating the Course Book. Download it from here
Also the Course Guide has been adapted and is now ready in Maltase. Download it from here.

The Cyprus team has finished the adaptation of the course guide into Greek. Download it  here

The teams are preparing for the workshop and pilot courses in September. Download the agenda here

The Portuguese team has uploaded several videos. Watch the videos in the Portuguese video page

Also the Cyprus team has uploaded several videos: Watch the videos in the Cyprus video page (in Greek)

Pools-m: The Danish team has had a meeting preparing the pilot course for the workshop in Pistoia in November. A document in Danish forms the base for continued development

August 2010

Pools-m: The Italian team has finished translating and adapting the five method manuals read their

Pools-2: The Cyprus team has prepared the first videos to be used during the workshop in Malta: Watch them from:

Pools-t: The Danish designer Lone Olstrup has prepared a new layout and look for the CLIL manual. Download the manual in:

Pools-t: The project teams have finished the work with DIY videos demonstrating what the TextBlender can do for you (temptation), how to make the webpages available on the Internet, how to use the TextBlender, and some case stories with the TextBlender, we have also updated some DIY videos with subtitles for Hot Potatoes:

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July 2010

The Cyprus team has prepared a ready to use WebQuest in Greek. Ξέρετε με ποιο τρόπο ένα καγκουρό που δεν ζει στην Αυστραλία να μπορεί να φτάσει εκεί; Ο Mικές Τρικοίλης του 5ου Δημοτικού Σχολείου Καλύμνου γνωρίζει την απάντηση. Εσείς την γνωρίζετε: Click here to download

The Portuguese team has made three new WebQuests for learning Portuguese, each of them has support texts in English, download and test them here:

Pools-t: Try some of our units that have just been updated and now make use of the TextBlender engine and calls to dictionaries through the Multidict tool. This means that all words are linked to 90 different languages!-)

Gordon Wells has created another English unit with exercises all based on a Wordpress blog try it here

All POOLS: Newsletter issue 26 is ready for downloading here. The newsletter is a combined newsletter for pools, pools-2, pools-t, and pools-m

Pools-m: The Italian team has prepared a teachers' guide for the board game preparing students for International Work Placement. Download the guide here to order the board game, please contact: Stefano Tirati:  +39057350444 Website: 

Pools-t: The Swiss pools-t team has finished translating the manual on how to make use of the tools produced by the project in a CLIL based context into German and Italian. Download the German manual in Word format here Download the Italian manual in Word format here. All the manuals can be downloaded here.

Pools-t: Kent Andersen met with the Greek team in Thessaloniki, together they tested and finalized the Greek version of the TextBlender.

Pools-m: The manuals for Task Based Learning, Tandem Learning, and the Student preparation guide for travelling have been finalized.

Pools-2: The course book (for computer assisted learning) has been finalized.

June 2010

Pools-t: Several of the example units for learning English and Danish have been updated, test them here

Pools-2: Gordon Wells has just finished another batch of English and Gaelic videos. Go to The Island Voices Project Blog to watch them or to the Video area of this site

Pools-t: The TextBlender has been updated (an error with use of embedded Youtube videos has been corrected) can now be downloaded in its "final" version. It makes full use of the Multidict dictionary, some problems with use of local videos in .wmv format have been solved. Go to the tools area and download the software

Pools-t: The manual on how to make use of the tools produced by the project in a CLIL based context can now be downloaded in English .pdf format, in Word format and in Danish. The procedure of translating it into Greek, Dutch, and Italian has started.

Pools-2: Gordon Wells has produced 32 new videos with texts: 16 in English and 16 in Gaelic. Go to the video area or to Gordon Wells' blog

On Thursday 27th May, POOLS-2 was presented in Arezzo (Italy) to the workshop “An update on the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013”, organised by the Education and Training Department of Arezzo Province. Read more about the presentation in the next newsletter (July 1st)

Pools-2 and pools-m: Both projects share the same course book on computer assisted language learning, download the updated course book in .pdf format here, or in Word format here

Pools-m: Download the Student International Work Placement Guide in Italian (word format)

May 2010

Pools-m: The teams have prepared and adapted a simulation named Airport for use in German, Italian, Lithuanian, and Turkish: Try it with your students

We have just received the first report from the external evaluators. A pleasant read with good recommendations. Download or read it here

The Italian pools-m team has published articles on the exploitation of poos-m results in Italy. Read about Italymobility and Pools-M and The Coop group Mobility for Apprentices Project and Pools – M methods

April 2010

Pools-m: The project teams are preparing for the May workshop in Istanbul. Read the agenda

The update and adaptation of the International Work Placement Guide is now almost finished

Pools-2: The project brochure is now also available in French.

Pools-t: Major updates in the TextBlender. Download it from the Tools area

Gordon Wells has prepared a guide on "Using Ipadio to create webpages with embedded audio". Many language teachers and learners appreciate teaching materials that incorporate both written and spoken language. However, it has always seemed to be a more complex task to create sound files than text files. In recent times a number of attempts have been made to harness digital telephone technology to the purpose. Download his guide here

Dedicated domain for the new dictionary system "Multidict". In the near future the databases running the Multidict and Wordlink tools will be moved to the site is already operational (now using a redirect) so you can start pointing your favourite dictionary link/bookmark to it:-)  

Frans van Schaik and Ellen Ejerskov presented the TextBlender and Word link to Dutch CLIL teachers at a CLIL conference workshop. A fun summary of their results can be downloaded here

Newsletter issue 25 is ready for downloading here. The newsletter is a combined newsletter for pools, pools-2, pools-t, and pools-m

Pools-m: The updated and adapted core manuals are becoming online on a daily basis. Go to the methods area to read about the new material.

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March 2010

Pools-2: The teams met in Nicosia

The second workshop (in Nicosia) includes a video course with Gordon Wells as the instructor:

The first videos can be watched here. See photos from the ongoing workshop here.

The First External Evaluation Report has been compiled by the external evaluators Angelica Bucur and Gareth Long. Download the report here

Pools-t: Learn about the project through Gordon Wells' voice Blog here:

The Dutch team from Horizon college has presented the pools outcomes at a conference on CLIL invited by the European Platform. Watch their presentation here

The TextBlender has (March 16th 2010) been released in version 3.02. After recommendations from many users the webpages produced by the TextBlender now make use of the online dictionary, Multidict. The Multidict (128 dictionaries) is opened in a frame so the student can see both text and dictionary at the same time. The student can also easily change dictionary or target language:

TextBlender output. N.B. If you enable cookies in your browser you can select another dictionary so when clicking on a word after changing the dictionary the lookup is done with that dictionary. Try the example output yourself

Download the new TextBlender and produce pages like the one above

Multidict is now a combination of +128 dictionaries. Multidict has been developed by Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig as part of the European funded POOLS-T project. Try you new favourite dictionary here 

POOLS-M: The project has been presented by Serhat Tuna on Turkish national television

The video with Serhat Tuna has been divided into three parts, watch part two here and part three here

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February 2010

POOLS-M: The Lithuanian project team has finished the adaptation and updating of the "Simulations Manual". Download it here

POOLS-2: The Portuguese team member Ana Silva has prepared an online exercise with music for learning Portuguese, Try it here

The minutes from the pools-2 kick-off workshop in Madrid (January) can be downloaded here

Pools-t: The Dutch team are preparing for a CLIL workshop, and have therefore started preparing examples of TextBlender and Wordlink outputs: Here are some examples of the web pages they are working on:

Subliminal advertising:

Car start problems:

Biology CELLS:

The Danish team is producing DIY videos in February: Step by step DIY videos showing how to upload WebPages to the Internet, how to install and use the TextBlender, and case stories of pages created with the TextBlender

A new version of the TextBlender is now ready for download. The February version is close to a final version with regards to functions and appearance. Future versions will mainly be improving outputs as well as removing reported bugs

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January 2010

Pools-t, pools-m, and pools-2 project newsletter issue 24 (January - March 2010) can be downloaded here

POOLS-2: The project workshop in Madrid was a success, read about the workshop here, with different handouts, presentations, and tasks before next meeting

The project brochure is available in English, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Maltese, and Spanish

The pools-2 teams meet in in Madrid from January 11th to 15th. Read the workshop agenda.

POOLS-T: The CLIL teams (Horizon College and Athena College met in the Netherlands to prepare the CLIL guide for the project. Read their meeting minutes and recommendations here

The pools-t progress report has been approved by the EACEA with a total score of 9 (out of 10). Read the feedback and recommendations here

Each of the project teams have planned to produce sample CLIL based lessons making use of the TextBlender and the Wordlink tools. The Danish team has made a case story telling how the material was found and developed together with a lesson plan. To read the text click here.

Gordon Wells has developed a suite of flexible self-teach/self-test English exercises suitable for CLIL, based on Island Voices video material. Read about them here The four separate units can be accessed from:

Jan Hardie from the Swiss team has prepared three online exercises suitable for CLIL, try them out here

The two main tools, i.e. the TextBlender and  Wordlink have been improved. To follow the development of Wordlink please click here. The TextBlender can be accessed from the Tools area.

Pools-m: The project brochure is available in English Italian, Lithuanian, Turkish, and Danish

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EU grants for course on WEB 2.0 and Language Education.
'Designing activities for the 2.0 Language Classroom' (A Comenius professional development course)

In conjunction with the Utrecht University Summer School the Faculties of Education of Heidelberg and Utrecht Universities of Applied Sciences offer a 7-day, international course exploring WEB 2.0 applications such as Wiki
and Web-logging, real-time communication (Videoconferencing and 3D Virtual Worlds) and the Language Quest format for integrating the World Wide Web into classroom teaching.
Besides, the course location in the brand-new building of the Faculty of Education in Utrecht, the Netherlands, allows for demonstration of good practices of and personal training in the use of Interactive Whiteboards.
Intended participants are practising (student) language teachers, teacher trainers and materials developers.
Dates: 10-07-2010 - 16-07-2010
More information and registration at:

Persons eligible for EU Comenius Grants can apply at their National Agency for compensation of costs for travel, accommodation and fees for this course. <b>The deadline for grant applications is January 15</b>, 2010, but please confirm with your National Agency for country-specific deadlines.

N.B. Participants who would like to extend their visit to the Netherlands can apply for an additional period of campus accommodation at 135 Euro per week.

Ton Koenraad, MA,
ICT-E consultant, Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

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December 2009

POOLS-2 Project brochure can be downloaded in English. It is now being translated into all the project languages.

POOLS-M (Pools of language teaching Methods) has started the funded period. First meeting is in Brussels on December 7th to 11th. Go to the POOLS-M main website.

POOLS-M: First project brochure ready for download

POOLS-T A new version of the TextBlender software is available for download from the Tools area. The version now has interfaces in the six project languages.

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November 2009

POOLS-2: (Producing Open Online Learning Systems - 2) has been approved for an EU grant in the period 2009-2011. POOLS-2 is coordinated by Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza (CECE), the teams come from Cyprus, Denmark, Malta, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain. EfVET is a dissemination partner with access to thousands of vocational colleges across Europe.

Pools-2 is a Transfer of Innovation (TOI) project which will exploit the results from the "original" pools project and transfer the core outputs of pools to three new languages: Greek, Maltese, and Portuguese

POOLS-T: The pools-t interim report has been submitted to EACEA. The report comprises a public and a "confidential" part, but in line with the policy of pools-t both files can be downloaded from the website: Download the "confidential" file and Download the public file

We have just received a video recorded by one of the pools-t friends Mariam Attia. The video was recorded during Kent Andersen's Show & Tell presentation of the project tools, watch the part of the video (presenting the Wordlink tool) as a Youtube video here or watch the final part showing the presentation of the TextBlender

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October 2009

POOLS-T: An up-to-date copy of the Wordlink and Multidict program source online is available at:  It includes for the first time dictpage.php, the program which allows lookup of words in page-image dictionaries, such as those available on the Web Archive, and also a complete sql dump of the database, including the parameters needed to for about 100 different online dictionaries, and the indexes to several page-image dictionaries. It isn't recommended reading! It is simply to ensure that the project is "open source" as promised in the POOLS-T application

After a full project year the external quality evaluators (subcontracted) has submitted their assessment of the pools-t partnership and achievements. Download and read it here:-)

The TextBlender tool is now online with 36 new dictionary combinations. Go to the tools area to test the latest version.

Try out some units in Danish, English, Gealic, and Italian produced with the current version of the TextBlender

Watch a video with evaluation of the TextBlender tools. Video produced by the SUPSI team

Read the updated pools-t schedule

The partnership had a productive workshop in Brussels. Read the workshop minutes or read the workshop agenda

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September 2009

POOLS-T: The WordLink tool has come a long way now, please try this webpage:

The project blog (a Wordpress blog) has problems with Internet Explorer v.8. For now please use another  browser when you visit the blog. OR email with advice on how to solve the problem:-)

During Eurocall 2009 Dr Caoimhín Ó Dónaill gave an inspiring presentation titled "Integrating computer assisted task-based learning into the language curriculum". Caoimhín has allowed pools to share his presentation with our users. Click here to download his PowerPoint presentation:-)

We have just finished the first version of a manual for the TextBlender, the version has been compiled by Frans van Schaik and Kent Andersen with Gordon Wells as the proof reader. The manual is a step by step guide through the software and also gives ideas for application in classes. Download the manual here as a .pdf file (12Mb) or as a .docx file (11Mb)

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August 2009

A new feedback form is available for sending us feedback so we may improve the tools: Download the feedback form

POOLS-T to be presented in a workshop at the Eurocall conference in Gandia, Spain on September 12th  with the title "Tools for producing CLIL (content and language integrated learning) materials" by Kent Andersen. Read the abstract here or find more in the Eurocall website

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July 2009

A new version of the TextBlender v.1.0 (which replaces the older versions like WPTB 15) has been compiled based on feedback from our end users. The software has been constructed in a step by step approach towards generation of web pages with graphics and texts where all words have been linked to an online dictionary

New version of the TextBlender

The current version (1.0) can include up to five graphic images. Copying of media files like video is now automatic. Go to the Tools area to test the new version either as an online tool or as a stand alone software

Newsletter issue 22 is ready for download, it has been mailed to our registered users.

The 3rd quarterly reports from the project teams can now be downloaded from the "Project documents" area

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June 2009

The two software tools (Wordlink and Text Blender) being developed in the project have been thoroughly tested and evaluated in four departments of SUPSI, the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland. You can download a summary of the tests with teachers' comments in a .pdf format or download the full evaluation with teachers' and students' comments in .xls format. The comments and feedbacks from the tests are now being taken into account in the new version of the tools.

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May 2009

POOLS and POOLS-T was presented in Prague at the the Innovation and Creativity in the Lifelong Learning Programme conference. POOLS was awarded the silver medal in the category of "innovative outstanding European projects or actions which will serve as a good motivating example to wide public.”

Silver medal to POOLS
Roberta (pools-t project officer), Kent Andersen, and Alison Dix with the Leonardo da Vinci silver medal

SUPSI the Swiss POOLS-T member has translated the project brochure into German and Italian. The brochures were handed out in 50 copies during the the Innovation and Creativity in the Lifelong Learning Programme conference in Prague. Download the Italian version or the German version

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April 2009

Jubilation, POOLS has been chosen to be awarded during the Innovation and Creativity in the Lifelong Learning Programme conference in Prague. The awards will be given by the Czech Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Ondřej Liška and the European Commissioner Ján Figel’.  “Part of the conference will be dedicated to awarding outstanding European projects or actions which will serve as a good motivating example to wide public.”

Project newsletter issue 21 is now available for download, read about events and project progress.

POOLS-T recommends you to participate in the ETEE annual conference 12 June 2009 - European School, Culham. More information here

Go to membership area and see the Google Map presentation of the project consortium

Wordlink, one of the project tools, has now reached version 6. To test Wordlink please go to 

The project teams met in Brussels for the second workshop. Read the minutes with day by day descriptions of achievements, debates, and decisions.

New member of the pools-t project consortium: SUPSI, the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (one of the 8 Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland) has now joined the POOLS-T project, in order to test the tools developed and to create its own CLIL materials (texts and videos), which will also be used for tool testing. SUPSI will enrich our language collection with Italian and German:-) SUPSI participation in the project has been funded by the State Secretariat for Education and Research in Bern

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March 2009

The "babelfish" type of tool "Wordlink" has now reached version 4. To test Wordlink4 please go to

Some extra logic has been added to the program to better detect character encodings, and most pages now seem to be working with Wordlink4 including those with iso-8859-7 and windows-1253 encoding.

The projects teams are now preparing for the second project workshop. This time in Brussels. Main issues for the workshop are:
 -Quality control and monitoring
 -Development evaluation

The workshop / project meeting has been divided into two separate parts starting with a pre-meeting workshop (March 23rd and 24th ) with participation of the software development partners, i.e. Caoimhín and Kent supported with catering by Gordon and Stefan. The main workshop with participation from all teams (excepting EfVET) is from March 24th to March 27th

Download the workshop agenda here

Read the first report from the external quality evaluators. The report reflects the project quality system and compares our efforts to the planned milestones and outputs: Download report here

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February 2009

New browser based versions of the Text Blender are now available including a Greek font version (only Arial ISO fonts). Try the tool here

The number of grass root members has just reached 75. You too can become a member of the pools teams and exchange views and ideas with other members. Go to the membership area.

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January 2009

The online CLIL tool which links webpages word by word to online dictionaries has moved to:

A summary of the first three months project period is now available online. The summary is part of the project quality monitoring and management system.

New version of the Web Page Text Blender (the desktop tool) now supports Youtube videos. Remember to find the url for such videos by clicking "Share" and select e-mail then the url can be copied into the Text Blender:-) Try the Text Blender in either online version (Neuron plugin required) or installed as a desktop version

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December 2008

The CLIL Cascade Network - CCN - (133377-LLP-1-2007-1-FI-KA2-KA2NW) is organizing a pilot course on CLIL Materials Production in Eichstätt, Germany , 1-4 April 2009. The course is jointly planned and organized by Lapin kesäyliopisto, FI, University of Jyväskylä, FI and Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Unterricht and Kultus, DE. Download program with information on how to participate

The kick-off workshop took place December 9th to 12th in Hoorn. Read the minutes from the Hoorn workshop

Frans learning Greek or counting his apples?

Learn about CLIL through a presentation compiled by the Dutch team for the kick-off workshop in Hoorn. Download the presentation

We are looking into the possibility of  extending the POOLS-T partnership with one or two Swiss partners from The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI – ) and USI (Universita’ della Svizzera Italiana,  ). USI’s expertise about usability evaluation and about testing and analyzing the impact of ICT onto given contexts is expected to strongly enhance/improve the project outcomes. SUPSI will be a major benefit for the project and its European dimension; the inclusion of one more language as well as the extensive testing and piloting of the project outputs will further enhance the project outcomes..

The pools collection of languages is now increasing;. Jean-Marie Nau from Luxembourg has offered us +300 five minutes radio programmes in Luxembourgish, broadcasted over seven years and even better they are complete with transcriptions :-) Have a look

Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle, SMO is working on a browserbased tool "Wordlink" with functionality like "Babelfish" i.e. a web based application which can convert web pages to pages where all words are linked to online dictionaries. Go to the tools area to test his work

The desk top software tools the "Web Page Text Blender" is CopyLeft and may be improved, modified, reprogrammed, distributed, and used in any way you find suitable as long as new versions and derivates from the original are also CopyLeft. Download the algorithm with description of functions etc. (only suitable for programmers:-) Please comment on the algorithm and assist with further development.

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November 2008

Pools-t brochures are now available in Danish, Dutch, Gaelic, Greek, and English.

The project blog has been opened for online registration so you can comment on the project outcomes etc.

We have started experimenting with a plug-in browser version of the Text Blender software. Go to the tools section to test it, please comment to with suggestions for improvements and error reports.

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October 2008

POOLS-T to be disseminated in Vilnius at the EfVET 2008 conference as a round table presentation read about the presentation here: index.php-option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=53&Itemid=195 you can download the first pools-t brochure here

Greek and international versions of the Web Page Text Blender tool can now be downloaded from the Tools are now available from the tools page.

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September 2008

The pools website is being edited to make space for the new project "pools-t" The previous version of the website is stored as Click here to visit the original pages

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August 2008

POOLS-T, which will develop tools for the CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) as well as a guide on how to apply the tools in a CLIL context has been approved for funding. The project development teams come from Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, and Scotland. EfVET has been chosen as dissemination partner with access to thousands of vocational colleges across Europe 

July 2008

POOLS and the project results were presented during the TG3 conference in Istanbul at the end of June, among the participants were several of the European LdV national agencies. Download photos from the workshop activities here (zipped, but still 4Mb) or download the POOLS PowerPoint presentation here.

The POOLS webmaster, Kent Andersen presenting the project

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June 2008

The course material for deaf students from the carpenter and cabinetmaker sectors (or other interested in technical English as a third language) can now be tested with dictionaries in eleven languages. To test the system please click on the photo below:

The new project POOLS-T has passed the first phase in Brussels with flying colours. The teams now look forward to making tools for the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology as well as a guide on how to apply the tools in a CLIL context. Read more about the project in the March 2008 news

POOLS to be presented in Istanbul on June 27th at a workshop for the European national Leonardo Agencies

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May 2008

A new course material for deaf students learning English as a third language is being prepared, have a pre-look here
The first version has all words linked to an English Danish dictionary and signing of all sentences.

An in-service course based on POOLS course materials (Hot Potatoes primer and sequence) will take place in Odense Tekniske Skole on Monday June 23rd. The onsite course will be followed by an online course period with final delivery of tasks by August 11th.  Participation is free, but there may be a minor fee for sandwiches and coffee. To register for the course please e-mail  

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April 2008

Jubilation, we have just received the final evaluation of our project from the UK national agency, ECOTEC. Please have a read:-)

The number of new POOLS members has now reached 40 covering a multitude of countries - also outside Europe:-) You too can become an active member by registering here

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March 2008

The dissemination of our online ESOL materials is of importance to the grass root POOLS members, Gordon Wells has therefore placed several teaching units on the Scottish national ESOL website

Odense Technical College has submitted a new Leonardo project proposal with partners from the new POOLS membership area. The partners come from Denmark, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, and Scotland

The project proposes to develop software tools that can support teachers and their students working with CLIL (content and language integrated learning) including the LWUTL (less widely used and taught languages).

The tools will convert texts and web pages to html pages where all words are hyperlinked to free online dictionaries covering many combinations of European languages. The application will have support for audio, video and graphics to enrich / support the text content.

CLIL and LWUTL teachers depend on developing own resources (EURYDICE 2005 report "Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe"). The proposed application will automate part of this process and will also enable students to convert authentic technical materials into language learning / supporting units.

The need for a free tool is based on EURYDICE 2006 "Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at School in Europe".

The need is also documented in the ICC report (2003) "The Impact of New Information Technologies and Internet on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.." concludes: "There will be a shift from passive consumption of ready-made programmes to independent building of content, tailor made for specifics groups or individuals"

The project results and outputs will be used by individual language learners, subject teachers using CLIL, and language teachers preparing online teaching materials.

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February 2008

In the latest of "NDLR Modern Languages’ Community of Practice" podcast series Gordon Wells talks about the Scottish Island Voices project. Gordon talks about the project, his role in the project, and the benefits to those involved in the project and he encourages anyone interested in following a similar model to develop such materials to make contact with him. Go to the podcast

All four units from The Scottish Island voices English series e.g. "Hebridean Food: Cookery Demonstration" are now ready for your use:-) chose a unit from Island voices.

The Scottish Island voices English series with video, text, and exercises has now been extended with a unit about the Re-Store Furniture Recycling Project in Bornish, South Uist. Go to watch, listen, read, and learn or chose one of the other units from Island voices.

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January 2008

A collection of POOLS materials relevant for electricians has been compiled at the address:

Scottish Island Voices.  A new set of exercises containing four units is being prepared. The first unit is now ready for you use:-) Self-teach and self-test materials for learners of English. The materials are designed to help English learners teach and test themselves. They are based on real situations, and reflect aspects of life and work in the Hebrides.

The Danish Safety Regulation Body "Sikkerhedsstyrelsen" has permitted pools to make use of a safety video targeting electricians working with live installations.
The video demonstrates how to work with live installation using PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. Cultural notes: In Denmark all electricians and personnel working with live installations etc. must every year attend a L-Aus course (Law on Working with live equipment and installations).The video can be downloaded from the Digital Area

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December 2007

The Final Report (submitted for evaluation) can now be downloaded from the Archive area

In "edUKation"  (edUKation – newsletter for the Leonardo, Grundtvig and Transversal programmes) you can read about the European Languages Award that was awarded to Gordon Wells (download the full newsletter):

We have now opened an area in pools for videos produced by students. To make room for this new area the old "Schedule" link from the main menu has been replaced by "Students". If you are interested in the old pools schedule then click here

A new version of "London Underground" has been added to the materials area. London Underground is a set of seven units full of information (and humour) about the Tube, lines, tickets, tourists, and Americans!-) Get information on London Underground - and learn some English on the way.

An improved version of the Web Page Text Blender is ready for download. The new version writes code that ensures that also users of e.g. “Mozilla Firefox” can use audio and video in the resulting web pages. The new version also has support for English Finnish and English-Turkish dictionaries. More information and download

The collection of digital materials is still growing. The latest add on is an information video on shop assistants in Arabic, Danish, Somali, Turkish, and Urdu

Go to read about, download, and watch the video

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November 2007

POOLS membership is now open to language teachers, teacher students, and researchers. You may now become a member of the POOLS team; like all materials in the POOLS website the membership is free. To enrol as a member please click here.

The Do It Yourself Videos showing how to make online teaching materials are now online with subtitles in Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Lithuanian, Romania, and Spanish. Go to watch or download the videos showing how to make online exercises for language teaching

The winter issue of the newsletter (issue 16) has been mailed to our registered users, to get one please Register here

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October 2007

iPod versions of POOLS videos: To ensure a larger dissemination and use of the digital materials developed in POOLS it has been decided to make all videos available in iPod versions (640*480 pixels quality). The files can be downloaded from the digital area

The EU funded period of the POOLS project finished with a clustering conference in Alkmaar September 27th and 28th 2007. It was a pleasure to welcome other projects and watch and listen to their results and ideas.
The presentation papers and materials are / will be available from the POOLS archive area

Before the Alkmaar conference the POOLS teams went through the originally planned outputs / results as part of the EFQM control and concluded that all deliveries as planned are available from the website:

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September 2007

The project dissemination and exploitation strategies end visions were presented at a TQ3 conference in Birmingham hosted by ECOTEC. More than 100 DVDs and CD-ROMs were handed out as well as newsletters and brochures. Download the presentation here or from the POOLS Archieve

The programme for the Alkmaar Foreign Language Conference can now be downloaded. More than 150 participants have registered for the clustering conference including several kindred projects

The project outcomes were presented in Coleraine, Northern Ireland at the Eurocall-2007 conference. Brochures, Newsletters and 200 DVDs and CDs were handed out during and after the Show and Tell presentation by Kent Andersen

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August 2007

Twenty Spanish videos online for download. The Spanish team has re-edited the 20 videos and these can now be downloaded complete with descriptions, transcriptions, and translations into English from the Digital Area

POOLS to be disseminated in Birmingham on September 25th 2007

The POOLS partnership has been invited by ECOTEC to present a workshop on “How to disseminate and exploit Leonardo project results”.

ECOTEC is organizing the event with participation from the EU national agencies, approximately 100 participants are expected.

The POOLS presentation will seek to give an insight into the dissemination and exploitation strategies applied by the POOLS project teams. We’ll exemplify what has worked well as well as difficulties that we have met.

POOLS is approaching the end of the EU funded period (September 31st 2007), but we intend to continue our work beyond the funded period, this also includes support to other projects. We have just heard about a new project called BeCult planned to start in September 2007. BeCult is an online multimedia learning tool for young people in vocational training in the hotel and gastronomy sector.

One of our free services we offer other language project is a description page in the POOLS website, read more about the BeCult project here.

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July 2007

Pilot courses are taking place in all the POOLS membership countries; E.g. in Lithuania where language teachers from different vocational schools participated in the workshop Task based learning with CALL: Hot Potatoes primer. For most participants it was a great challenge and a wonderful chance to learn a new skill.

Another workshop took part on 20 June and covered two modules - Using video with language learners and How to set up and use (Web)Blogs. Pools digital funds and project blog served as great illustrations of CALL in practice and brought some fun into our course.

Download the slides used during the Hot Potatoes primer in Lithuania

Download the slides used during the "How to set up and use (Web)Blogs" in Lithuania

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June 2007

The Basque team and the Danish team have just finished a Hot Potatoes pilot course in Donostia. Experience the results here

The POOLS project still seeks to cooperate with like language projects with the purpose of enhancing mutual results and achieve a better impact of these. We have just started cooperating with, which is a project based on EU educational Policy that every citizen should develop competence in at least two European languages. A further project aim is to foster 'intercultural learning through new media' and thus contribute to enriched cross-cultural exchanges. Read more about the here 

More new videos available from the digital area. The total number of videos that can be downloaded is now 325 videos

Pilot courses are ongoing in Romania, e.g. Introductory course to Hot Potatoes, read the PowerPoint presentation used during a Hot Potatoes primer course

Invitation to Workshop Conference 27-28 September 2007 in Alkmaar

The conference fee of 190 € includes lunches, evening meals and drinks on both days and entertainment on Thursday evening 27th. The AMRATH hotel in Alkmaar has kindly offered its luxurious accommodation and breakfast for only 55 € per person per night (when two share a room) or 85 Euro for single room. Nearly 100 rooms can be booked up until 1 June for this special price on a first come, first serve basis. The Golden Tulip in Alkmaar offers the same arrangement

Download the invitation (to be used if applying for visa)

Download the registration form


The conference facility in Alkmaar

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May 2007

22 new Spanish videos have been added to the digital area, descriptions and texts to follow soon.

The POOLS teams now offer a range of online course modules

The courses and related materials are free for our registered users. Each user is offered two course modules in the pilot phase. To become a registered user please go to:

To register for a course please e-mail with contact details. Deadline for registering for an online pilot course is June 17th

The actual courses will be run with an introduction phase in June and exercises / hand-ins in July and August. Final feedback and recommendations will take place in August.

The duration of the course modules and time and efforts to put in by the participants are flexible, but a rule of the thumb is one to two days per module.

Download more information

Pilot courses are now ongoing in the partnership countries. Read the Lithuanian schedule and The Romanian Schedule

May 22nd 2007 Updated manual for the "Materials development Course Modules" ready for download and your comments.

The POOLS teams have had the fourth project workshop in Kaunas. Read the meeting minutes with project status here. And / or Read the agenda.

During the Kaunas workshop the teams agreed on an evaluation document to be used after all course modules please send us your comments / recommendations. The evaluation form can be downloaded in: English, German, Romanian, Danish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Basque

May 8th 2007 Updated manual for the "Methodology Courses" ready for download and your comments.

The POOLS Course Book (a reference book) is now available in the planned languages, i.e. English, German, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Spanish from the materials area

Seven new Romanian videos have been added to the digital area which now contains 248 videos

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April 2007

New Basque exercises online. The exercises were created during a Basque workshop in Donostia

Nine new Dutch videos have been added to the digital area. Transcription and translations to follow soon. Go to the Dutch Digital Area

The POOLS coursebook (a reference book) is now available in German as a Word file or as a .pdf file

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March 2007

The POOLS coursebook (a reference book) is now available in Romanian as a Word file or as a .pdf file

Slices of Contemporary Hebridean Life and Work in 40 English and Gaelic videos presented for language learners. Short online films with transcripts and translations, suitable for pre-intermediate to post-intermediate learners, totalling 3 hours of listening material divided evenly between the two languages
Download the Scottish Island Voices Catalogue Or watch the videos from the digital area

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February 2007

Eight new Lithuanian videos added to the digital pools

The POOLS coursebook (a reference book) is now available in Spanish. Click here to download in Word format or in .pdf format

A new set of example units has been added to the POOLS website. The units are based on original texts from dealing with PLC (Programmable Logic Control). The units contain Technical English and are suitable for e.g. electricians and engineers.

It is the aim of the materials development course modules to enable language teachers to produce similar units

Each unit starts with audio and texts where all words are linked to online dictionaries in Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish. Please test the units and send your comments to

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January 2007

Updated and almost completed manual for the "Materials Development Courses is ready for download and your comments. Go to the Materials area to download the manual

New version of the Course Book can be downloaded from the materials area

Four Danish videos from the Digital Media education line have been added to the digital area

One of the POOLS project friends, Lut Baten is organising an interesting conference on Multiculturalism and Multilingualism.

It will take place in Leuven, Belgium, on March 23-24.
All information can be found on :

Nine new Lithuanian videos have been added to the digital area. The videos are CopyLeft and ready to use complete with summaries, transriptions etc.

During the New Year break 52 Dutch videos have been added to the digital area. The videos, showing everyday situations for young people, are the results of cooperation between "ENTER", a Dutch project and the Dutch POOLS team. Each video is accompanied with transcription and also tasks for using them in a class

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December 2006

The report on Lithuanian use of ICT in vocational colleges and gap analyses is ready for download from the project archieve

New edition of the Materials Development Course Modules, now with 18 modules. Download in .doc format or in .pdf format

The 13th pools Newsletter is ready for download Among the news you can read that POOLS together with other projects are planning a language teaching conference in Alkmaar in September 2007. You are welcome to present your project at the conference and of course also to be a participant:-)

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November 2006

The report on Romanian use of ICT in vocational colleges and gap analyses is ready for download The report also gives an updated introduction to the structure of Romanian vocational training

New edition of the Materials Development Course Modules, now with 15 modules. Download in .doc format or in .pdf format

The Scottish team has finished 40 videos; 20 in Gaelic and 20 in English. The videos reflect the rich culture in Scotland and will serve as raw materials during the coming POOLS "computer assisted language learning materials development courses" Go to the digital area to see the results

Evaluation of the pools project and results are open. Please spend 10 minutes on the online valuation form and show us your interest in the project by helping us know how you feel about the results. Go to the evaluation

After the third project meeting the teams are busy preparing modules for the "Materials Development Course(s)". Download the first version (not edited and still being worked on)

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October 2006

POOLS was presented during the EfVET 2006 Conference in Cyprus as a Round Table presentation. Read more

Four Gaelic videos: Re-Store Project Documentary, Re-Store Craftsman/Trainer Interview, Re-Store Director Interview, and Hebridean Smokehouse Documentary added to the digital area

Three English videos: Re-Store Project Documentary, Re-Store Craftsman/Trainer Interview, and Hebridean Smokehouse Documentary added to the digital area

Two new Lithuanian videos added to the digital area; International Day Of Tourism, and I've just Bought a Computer

The third project workshop took place in Madrid. Download the slides used during the workshop to summarize work to be done and achievements. Meeting minutes.

iPod versions of the DIY DVD with a step by step introduction on how to use Hot Potatoes and the Web Page Text Blender can now be downloaded

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September 2006

Screen shot from DVD produced by POOLS
The DIY DVD with a step by step introduction to how to use Hot Potatoes and the Web Page Text Blender is now ready in the first edition. Next editions are planned to contain subtitles in the nine project languages.
The videos can be downloaded in .wmv versions from the materials area

Two German videos have been added to the digital area: "Rockschine" and "Neumühle" - transscriptions and translations to follow shortly

Four Basque videos have been added to the digital area: "Alumnos" - transscriptions and translations to follow shortly

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August 2006

An American English video and text demonstrating a high tech lawnmower has been added to the digital area

Exercises based on the above video and text can now be tested at The text is linked work by word to online dictionaries in ten languages the exercises are developed through Hot Potatoes - total time used for preparing texts and exercises was less than 2½ hours

POOLS to be presented at EuroCall - Date, time and location has now been set as can be seen in the EuroCall 2006 programme:

7th SEPTEMBER 2006 PARALLEL SESSION VII 10.30-11.00 Room G7
Andersen, K. & Mìadhachàin, S.O. (Odense Tekniske Skole, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig) Pools - producing open online learning systems, SHOW & TELL (Strand: Language Teacher Education)

August 22nd POOLS workshop at Odense Technical College. Participants: 28 language teachers representing seven vocational colleges and the ministry of education. Download presentation in Danish

First results from the combined Lithuanian and Romanian gaps analysis can now be downloaded

The webpage from one of our clustering projects "The Web Project" has been updated with useful links etc. Go to their POOLS webpage

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July 2006

To assist our users we have decided to start providing the website with RSS feeds. To make use of the facility you need an RSS reader / aggregator, e.g. the free feedreader v. 3.5 which can be downloaded from:

20 Danish videos dealing with what is going on in Digital North Denmark has been added to the digital area. The videos are made available with permission from Fyrtårnscentret · Vesterbro 102 · DK-9000 Aalborg The videos are copyrighted, but may be used for language teaching. Go to the digital area

19 videos in English dealing with what is going on in Digital North Denmark has been added to the digital area. The videos are made available with permission from Fyrtårnscentret · Vesterbro 102 · DK-9000 Aalborg The videos are copyrighted, but may be used for language teaching. Go to the digital area

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June 2006

First two Lithuanian videos have been added to the digital pools as the results of the video workshop in Kaunas.

Several videos and texts have been added to the digital area A total of 75 different videos to be used for development of online materials can be downloaded with transcriptions and English translations. The main part of the videos are CopyLeft. Several of the videos can be downloaded in different compression rates (small or large files).

Meeting minutes from the 2nd workshop can be downloaded here

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May 2006

The 3rd project Newsletter (11th Combined pools and BP-BLTM) available for download

Pools disseminated with brochures (100 handed out) in Honolulu during the CALICO conference, with a blog of the presentation and reactions available (with a link).

Results from the Project workshop in Pitesti are being inserted on a daily basis. Among the first results available (more to come in the coming weeks) are:

The pools teams wearing the new pools T-shirts. You too can win a pools T-shirt if you come to Eurocall 2006 in Granada:-)

English, German, and Danish videos have been added to the digital area. The videos are copyright but pools has been granted permission to make them available for language learning.

The titles are:
EN: Horns Rev - A wind power station in open sea
DE: Horns Rev - Ein Windkraftwerk auf hoher See
DK: Horns Rev - Et vindkraftværk i Nordsøen

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April 2006

Several videos have been added to the digital area among these are:

4more productions: Portrait of a young firm 
3D Animation Class: A media class
Service Assistants: A healthcare class
Hairdressers - appointments and reception: A service trade class 
Hairdressers - Hair washing and payment: A service trade class
Oliver - Visiting grandmother: From a Danish home

Pools disseminated with brochures (250 handed out) in Tampa during the TESOL conference

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March 2006

Pools disseminated in Italy:

March 21st: Kent Andersen from the Danish pools team was invited to present the Danish VET (vocational educational and training) system at a conference in Pistoia, Italy dealing with the new Italian VET system (arranged by Stefano Tirato, EfVET).

The conference had 60 participants among these were teachers, managers, decision makers and local authority representatives. As usual during presentations Kent Andersen took the opportunity to present pools to the audience and hand out pools newsletters and brochures. This resulted in much positive feedback as well as new contacts.

Article on pools in the EfVET March 2006 Newsletter

March 23th: Kent Andersen presented the pools project with brochures and newsletters at a technical college in Postoia, Tuscany. It was agreed to exchange further information and exercises.

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February 2006

The Web Page Text Blender can now be downloaded from the materials area the program can convert texts into HTML documents where all words are automatically linked to online dictionaries  N.B. the downloadable version is from February 2006 and is an Alpha version! It seems stable, but lots of facilities need to be programmed / improved in future (e.g. insertion of media files).

The second pools project Newsletter (10th BP-BLTM) can now be downloaded here

After the video workshops in the Netherlands and in Romania new videos are ready for downloads.

To download right click the video and select "save as". The videos are available in three qualities:

A practical joke - two birthday cakes a real one and a polenta in disguise  25 MB file  11 MB file  5 MB file

A group of foreign students in Romania discussing food.  41 MB file  27 MB file  8 MB file

Seven foreign students in Romania are interviewed on their experiences in Romania.  75 MB file  33 MB file  15 MB file

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January 2006

More ready to use units / exercises have been added in the materials area Several of these make use of online dictionaries in ten languages.

A new Danish video "Jul i Danmark" has been added to the digital pools area

The video shows a family preparing for and celebrating the Danish "jul" (yule or Christmas). The celebration is typically Danish with no or very little religious content. Watch the video here: 33MB file  22MB file  10MB file

The Danish pools team has also recorded a traditional Danish Christmas Carol, listen and enjoy:  2,8MB file

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December 2005

Several units found in the materials area have now been updated with English audio recordings. A warm thanks to Rupert Dale (the speaker)

An example is a text demonstrating some advantages of Electrical Intelligent House Installations (DOMOTICS). The text has automatic lookup of all words in nine languages - more to come. The hyperlinking has been done automatically through a program written by Kent Andersen (The Web Page Text Blender).

The text is followed by exercises created with Hot Potatoes.

Choose between the languages (dictionaries) below:

Dansk English Flag Deutsch Espanol Romanian Flag Nederlands Italian Flag French Flag Portuguese Flag Gàidhlig

A new area has been set up for the digital pools of videos, audio, graphics, and texts that may be used for development of online exercises etc. There are now six Danish and two English videos available for download  The files are available in: 

In the coming months we'll record videos in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Basque, Gaelic, and Lithuanian (and continue adding more Danish videos as well)

To watch the videos below please right-click the link and select "Save Target As"

English video: FITCH - a case study on marketing and product branding (46Mb) (18Mb) (6Mb)

English video: SYNOCO - a portrait of a marketing company (26Mb) (11Mb) (4Mb)

Danish video: Danish society seen through Chinese Eyes:

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English:

Danish college seen through Chinese eyes

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English

A dentist’s surgery assistant at school:

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English

A service trade basic training class:

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English

More videos, not yet registered / commented can be downloaded below, please right click the link and select "save target as":

The software "Web Page Text Blender" which can convert any text into an HTML document where all words are automatically linked to an online dictionary is now available in versions linking from English to online dictionaries in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Danish, and English. Watch a video containing:

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November 2005

Newsletter sent to registered users. Download the pools Newsletter here.

The partnership is working on development of a suitable methodology for the needed gaps analyses. Two sample documents may give an insight into the work; from the Basque team Marijo suggested possible use of a previous questionnaire (download it here), the idea was supported by the Danish team and the Scottish team made several comments, especially one from Màrtainn illustrates the fruitful discussion and exchanges of ideas between the partners (download from here)

The project partners have started the process of describing a likely methodology course, but the work is very preliminary, read the first skeleton for the course

The project partners have also started the process of describing a likely content development course, read the first ideas for the course

The very large work tasks for the partners can be difficult to perceive. The Lithuanian partner has prepared a Gantt Chart to assist planning the different Lithuanian tasks

POOLS was presented at the annual conference “Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages at a College: Peculiarities and Problems”. The conference was held on 18 November 2005 at Kaunas College, Lithuania: Read more

We have started the process of finding cooperation and clustering partners. One of the first to joins us is EUROVOLT. Read about the project here

To make use of pools as a free dissemination partner of your project just e-mail with a project description. But please also consider other ways we can cluster our efforts like joint conferences etc.

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October 2005

To assist the content development a common core of interview ideas and scenarios was discussed during the Brussels workshop. The first list can be downloaded here.

Pools was presented at the EfVET 2005 conference in Budapest through roundtable presentations (By Sean Mehan and Frans van Schaik), see PowerPoint presentation. The brochures for the conference are now available in

The kick-off workshop has just finished, you can read the agenda here- Click here for the agenda and also the meeting minutes. The tasks that each team had prepared before the workshop can be downloaded here Meeting minutes can be downloaded here.

In the project archive you find samples of work in progress used during the first workshop (click from menu). Some documents (like the minutes) are being prepared, but by the end of this week all are planned to be online.

The workshop participants have signed the Copyleft agreement

Copyleft agreement being signed

The EU supported period has started. The counter for unique visitors up to the start was 56694. The counter is used for monitoring the website. You can also click on the CQ Counter at the bottom of this page to read the web statistics since September 30th 2005.

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September 2005

The project official period has just started (October 1st 2005).

The Language Plaza Homepage, which used to reside here has moved to

This webpage - home of the pools project and portal to other language projects is in the process of being set up - work is going on to have everything up and running by October 12th. You can help with comments and suggestions, please e-mail advice etc. to the webmaster Kent Andersen 

Article on the pools project in the EfVET September Newsletter

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August 2005

EuroCall, August 24th to 27th: Brochures telling about the pools project were handed out during the EuroCall 2005 conference in Cracow. Click here to download a brochure Back to Top

Odense Technical College, August 22nd: The pools project was presented to 60 teachers, managers and a trade union representative. The presentation in Danish can be downloaded here Back to Top


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