Hebridean Food: Smokehouse

Interview and Questions

If you were able to do the previous exercises quite easily, you can test yourself with something a bit more challenging now. You can listen to an interview with Alasdair MacEachen, the Environmental Health Officer, here. If you need to you can also see a transcript of what he says.

Can you describe your own thoughts about what you’ve seen and heard in these videos? Here are some questions to start you thinking.

            Why do you think the Hebridean Smokehouse is keen to show its fish preparation process to the general public?
            How important do you think it is to keep the Wet Room and Dry Room processes completely separate, and why?
            What might make you buy Hebridean Smokehouse salmon, rather than, for example, a similar product produced somewhere else?
            What are the advantages of having strict hygiene regulations? Might there be any disadvantages? If so, what?


            1. Write a short piece about the Hebridean Smokehouse. It could be a letter to a friend or relation, or a short article for a newspaper or magazine.
            2. Discuss what you’ve learned about the fish-smoking process in your class, or with friends or workmates.
            3. E-mail your thoughts to other learners who have watched the same videos. Start a discussion about food processing or food marketing.