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Odense Tekniske Skole (Odense Technical College)

Odense Technical College is one of the largest technical colleges in Denmark. The college has 4,000 FTE students and the number of staff is about 630. The college consists of a vocational school, a senior high school and an academy of higher education. The vocational school covers nine branches (production, IT, transport, logistics, construction, media, health, service and service industry). The students of the VET-school have a diverse cultural and educational background due to an allocation of different nationalities, ethnic minorities, different cultures, in the area.

Odense Technical College has already done a lot in order to integrate students with different backgrounds into vocational education e.g. mentor arrangements, flexible training models, cooperation with other schools, parents, enterprises and social partners.  Further, the college has carried out comprehensive competence development of teachers and managers.

Since 1992, the college has participated in a large number of national and international projects.

Read the main responsibilities and work tasks for OTS

Contact person: Kent Andersen ka@ots.dk

SDE website: www.sde.dk

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EFVET (European Forum for Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

The European Forum for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (constituted under Dutch and Belgian law) is a network of practitioner VET institutions throughout the European Member States, Candidate and Pre-Accession countries.  Its primary purpose is twofold:  a) To promote European wide co-operation and a sharing of good examples of practice amongst Vocational Education and Training institutions. b) Works closely with the European Commission at a strategic policy level as part of the Single Transparency Framework currently being developed.  EfVET is represented on the EC Objectives working groups as part of the EUCIS Platform for Lifelong Learningin association with EVTA and other European Organisations.  In addition it provides a service to individual institutions across Europe such as newsletters web site links, information services and project dissemination opportunities through its annual conference.

Read the main responsibilities and work tasks for EfVET

Contact person: Peter Hodgson: president@efvet.org

EfVET website: www.efvet.org

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Vocational Training Center of Thrace “ATHENA”

Vocational Training Center of Thrace “ATHENA” is a non profitable organization based in Greece, region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Supports employers, unemployed and employed under threat and provides accessible vocational training. It is working closely with local authorities, ministry of Employment, local media and its international networks to develop awareness, innovation in the field of training and contacts in national and European level. Has produced several training materials for trainers, trainees, mentors, employers, carried out researches within its region for employment in the local market and organized conferences and workshops for dissemination and awareness.


The last 14 years has participated in many European initiatives and programms (Horizon, Youthstart, Leonardo, Youth for Europe, Grundvig 2 etc) and leaded many national projects, especially for immigrants (Greek citizens) with special emphasis given on acquiring or upgrading  Greek language skills, trying to integrate them into society, who either do not speak Greek, or just rudimentary Greek or require upgrading of their Greek language skills. This is due to historical, ethnic or migration reasons.

Read the main responsibilities and work tasks for ATHENA

Contact person: Elissavet Antoniadou elizabeth@athenavtc.gr

Athena website: www.athenavtc.gr

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Horizon College

Horizon College is the main provider of secondary vocational education in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It provides courses in 5 main sectors: Engineering, Business Studies, Health and Care, International Trade and Services.

Horizon College is situated in 4  locations in brand new campuses providing education to approx. 15,000 students (16-19+).

Horizon College is a spearhead college in the Netherlands with regards to mobility of students across Europe sending each year around 300 students for work placement experience abroad. It has a sound reputation with the National Agency with regards to vision, targets and operational matters in the mobility programme leonardodaVinci. For the last 4 years HC has cooperated with Odense Tekniske Skole in various Leonardo projects, BP-BTLM and POOLS. Horizon College is founder and part of the International EUCINMOVE (you can move) network of school partners that aims at continually expanding mobility opportunities for its students and staff.

Read the main responsibilities and work tasks for Horizon

Contact person: Frans van Schaik f.w.vanschaik@horizoncollege.nl

Horizon College website: www.horizoncollege.nl

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Sabhal Mòr Ostaig - Scotland’s Gaelic College

SMO, as Scotland’s Gaelic college, has a specific and unique role in relation to that language. This includes teaching of and through Gaelic at both FE and HE levels, but encompasses a wide range of additional development and cultural roles and responsibilities. The college is a member of the UHI Millennium Institute, which is heading for full university status and includes a federal network of other FE and HE bodies spread around the Highlands and Islands region of Scotland. Partnership working is therefore key to the college’s existing modus operandi and aspirations for future growth.

SMO was the promoter of the preceding POOLS project, and worked closely both with transnational and local community partners to successfully overtake all the project outcomes. At local level this entailed collaboration with training providers involved in both Gaelic and ESOL provision. One result was the 2007 European Award for Languages for the bilingual “Scottish Island Voices” online video package, produced as part of POOLS. The college has specific competence in online materials development and computer-assisted language learning in a collaborative setting.

Read the main responsibilities and work tasks for SMO

Contact person: Gordon Wells sm00gw@groupwise.uhi.ac.uk  

SMO website: www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/

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SUPSI (The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland)

The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one of the 8 Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. It has a university statute, focused on professional training and applied research. Together with the University of Southern Switzerland (USI), to which it is closely linked in terms of collaboration activities and common institutions, it is the only Italian language university pole in Switzerland, with almost 4,000 students in the Lugano region. SUPSI offers a range of bachelor and master’s courses, which cover several different fields (Construction and design, Business Management, Social Science, Health Professions, Innovative Technologies, Music, Theatre).

The Languages and Mobility Service (SLM) organizes German and English language courses for all SUPSI departments, with the aim of imparting linguistic skills that will help students in their pursuit of career opportunities in Switzerland and abroad. Italian language courses for foreign or Swiss students are offered as well. The SLM is also responsible for SUPSI participation in the European Erasmus student exchange program, and is the official examination centre for Cambridge ESOL and Goethe-Institut exams in Ticino. It has recently taken part in the Swiss Virtual Campus project “Mysterycove”, which has led to the creation of a videogame for ESL learners.

The SLM has now joined the POOLS-T project, in order to test the tools developed and to create its own CLIL materials (texts and videos), which will also be used for tool testing.

Contact person: D'Alessio Germana e-mail: germana.dalessio@supsi.ch

SUPSI website: www.supsi.ch

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