Airport a simulation

Airport is a simulation that can be used by students with a language competence around level A1-A2 (European Language Portfolio).

The simulation can be played in groups with three to five students (if less than five in a group then some students will have to have more than one profile in the simulation).

The simulation is self explanatory; each student is given a text with a personal profile, the students read and inform the other group members about the content. The texts are available in eight languages. The English version of the five profiles are availble online with all words linked to dictionaries in +100 languages:,,,, and

When all members of a group know the given information the success of the group in the simulation depends on following the information and having a proper strategy.

The students should not be allowed to speak their own language during the simulation. 

To play the simulation the students need 81 map squares. Each square has a top side with a number, the squares represent parts of a land map. The students can move across the map by choosing squares, when a square is chosen the students turn around the map square to see the bottom side which has information.

Before class the teacher should print the file with the map squares and cut out these.


Download the files below to use the simulation in your class:

Airport_squares.pdf  (file with 81 squares, table side)
Airport_top_numbers.pdf ( 81 squares top view)

One of the students has to fill in a diary / time table. This paper should also be printed before class:

airport_table.pdf in English  
airport_table.pdf in Lithuanian  
airport_table.pdf in Turkish
airport_table.pdf in Italian  

To play the simulation the students need the following profiles in print:

The profiles in English The English version of the five profiles are availble online with all words linked to dictionaries in +100 languages:,,,, and

The profiles in Turkish
The profiles in Italian
The profiles in Lithuanian
Personal_profiles_es.pdf The profiles in Spanish
Personal_profiles_de.pdf The profiles in German
Personal_profiles_ro.pdf  The profiles in Romanian
Personal_profiles_dk.pdf  The profiles in

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